the fall | video installation
by peter welz

stumbled upon it on

unique lapin

+ push pins
i'm tempted to buy

the scarves are turning out beautifully
hope to show them to you next week
just need a little bit of sunshine...

must hurry , still one scarf to go
and a party to go to

until then !

━ ─

i like the way it folds at the bottom
and that it's made of wool
the snap buttons ... hmmm

and a sugar pot by mara skujeniece
unglazed on the outside and very beautiful ...

you can view designtide tokyo over here

❙ ❚

what i feared might happen dyeing larger pieces
is that the dye wouldn't attach itself evenly
but it did... so happy with that !

and i'm mixing and mixing colors

i chose not to use iron chrome or tin
because then i would have chemical waist

but flowers bark walnuts

anyway i'm loving this
can't wait to show you
when they're finished

wishing you a lovely weekend !


yumi takeuchi

and one last item from smallable
oh just saw they have this one too

it is not about things
it's about life

something to do
with soul

i enjoyed reading sprink




love that scarf
such a nice mix of colors

what i love about winter is wool
and what i'm looking forward to is the 20th of january
because that feels like the real new beginning
i can't wait...

i'll leave you for this week
with a winter garland

and a chair i very much like
saw it in a store combined
with a purple cushion in
the same fabric

i'm mordanting the fabric this week
so next week will be more fun
because i can start dyeing (is there another word for that?)

riihivilla is a blog about dyeing wool
with plants wood flowers

have a warm weekend !


naruse inokuma architects

and this one fits in perfectly

+ this vessel by andrea walsh

the way the japanese use color
and very often combine european design
with their own
is a constant inspiration to me

| ▏

the woolen fabric arrived
we are getting to know each other

bookcase mikado

a bit like the lean-on clothes rack
not meant to replace your closet
but as an extra

i'll start cutting the fabric now
yes i was stalling it..

+ shaketodesign

eiko ishizawa

a very good thing happened i think !
a large part of the world seems to be happy too

mostly because obama is someone they feel they can talk to
interesting times ahead of us ....

• ˙

love the shape of the neckline
by chattawak

table wear by on za line
via shift

...i seem to be very into whites and gentle colors these days
maybe because they embody a new beginning

good luck voting , to my american friends today !