have a lovely christmas everyone !

i'm looking forward to 2010
... just have a good feeling about it

... getting ready for christmas

... the woven scarves by newov

the contrasting threads work so beautiful

you would expect the top one to be dyed with the fern
but no it is the bottom one ...

:: lines&shapes holiday sale

haven't come across anything better then the pompoms yet

... never told you about what happened to the cooked fern
more in my next post

started packing again ... thanks everyone !

from the book

waist down - skirts by miuccia prada

saw it on living lab

thanking some people :

stuart hobday for the wonderful feature ,the new layout looks great

mike love how you presented them , hope you reed this , can't find your url

chris for featuring my pictures

issey miyake

...very beautifully designed
looked at them for quite a while

for christmas shopping in paris
you can visit little nest next weekend

busy packing your scarves today !


shop is open !

... thought of something for the boys
and something festive for the girls ...

... from a walk in the park

shop update tomorrow afternoon !

thank you :

frizzifrizzi / simone for the very nice post about grijs

... while i'm at it and long overdue




... thanks !
it means a lot to me

... i was looking for this kind of jade

it makes me happy that it's there

i'll keep you posted on when the scarves will be in the shop

probably thursday or friday

... days and nights are blending into each other
inspired by thanksgiving i decided
to get into a festive mood ...