❙ ❙­­

fabric by nani iro

this weekend you can visit designers in their
natural habitat during
the brussel's design september event

i watched pictures from last year like the one
above and it looks like a really nice event

+ very beautiful rubber stamps

:: i'll leave you for a while for a little break
we're going to visit antwerp next week
i'll be back in this space in 2 weeks

see you then and wishing you well !

ⁿ o

very nice pendants by karen pontoppidan
via gallery rob koudijs

+ a beautiful door system by lotty lindeman

the diary project is still going on

... where was i

it looks like there'll be no need for a shop
because there're no more towels left

thanks everyone !

now back to where i left
before it all started

❘ ❙ ❚

I'm starting to really like
these hooks by muuto

and i love this very big scarf
by yarn unit

via orangebag

+a big thank you for buying
and for being the nice people you are

picture fabrice gousset

love this setting

lamp by wieki somers and hanger by noato fukasawa
at gallery kreo

a fun news post for today

:: a special moment with nina

:: watch this and smile
port2port on tv

and just when i was thinking
should i continue to post about other people's

:: i got nominated for 10 most influential design bloggers 2008
by home rejuvenation

:: listed by MARTHA'S craft editors as a favorite
amongst other blogs i admire (unbelievable)

:: awarded by jo

:: awarded by nathalie

you can e-mail me if you would like a tea towel

Wishing you a nice day !

the good news is...

that there are quite a few
still for sale
for which i'm putting together
a shop , opening next week

they will be the last dipped
tea towels for sale

the bad news for me was that they
only sold a few , contrary to the
high expectations they had

next time i'll act on
my own instincts
but it was still a good
thing i participated
+ to be invited

more tomorrow on other
things that happened

i will have to get back to you later
so i can take some better pictures
i was to excited
but here's a glimpse in case they're gone by sunday

Have a nice weekend !

finished the new tea towels for inside design
and dropped them off yesterday
so excited about it ...
i'm going to visit tomorrow so in the evening
i can show you pictures

my dear friend wanda is visiting from portugal today
and i'm so happy to see her again
+ her baby girl!

talk to you tomorrow evening !

╵ 𝄄

hey girls , thanks for cheering for me
it wouldn't be the same without you !

okay about the post now
i have a little spare time because
the 40 liter pan has to heat up

+ kitchen tools from a finnish shop
called shez marius
intrigued by the wood
and love the shapes

+ a scarf by stephan schneider
via scoute

+ this blanket

i'm loving the end of the summer
the weather is much better now

talk to you when i can..

+ ⁺ ₊

an almost perfect house in antwerp ...

we decided to take our emigration plans
a little bit more serious

we're hoping to find something with a garden
like this gorgeous place


veronique branquinho designed a collection
for 3suisses
which is supposed to be coming to the netherlands


the other great news is that i was made an offer
i couldn't refuse
so 'i'm very busy making dipped tea towels for inside design
starting the 11th of september through the 14th
organized by dutch elle living
they're going to be for sale in the shop at the lloyd hotel
during the event
i'm very thrilled about that because when it comes to
styling , dutch elle living is about the best you can get
over here

16 rooms will be redesigned by these designers
kamer means room
and lots of other locations will be participating as well