.                    .  .

i've seen almost every color imaginable this autumn

quite amazing

except for something like prussian blue maybe

in the mailbox :

the coffeespot notebook by yves drieghe founder of de invasie


.                    .  . 

took a walk in the park to catch some sun

+ to find nice things for the shop

saw a man on tv named monsieur Dollar
a market man on this market in brussels
just to say currencies are quite the subject

happy weekend  *

.                    .  .

this  color will turn red in a few days

only for a short while

and then it turns violet again

the shop will open sometime next week


.                    . .

my camera squeezed his eyes startled by the light outside

sometimes i like  darkness

a beautiful story on the work of jürgen krause


 the plant in the picture is a bruidssluier / silver lace vine



               .                    .  .


               rue blanche    a beautiful collection

               wolfgang tillmans / galerie crousel     

     the trees around the corner are all decorated with lights  * ✴


.                    .  .

pegs old school

another interesting documentary

be linen

about finding new ways to use flax fibers

made for the linen and hemp community

by le potager design

.                    .  .

vegetable autumn

' under  40  japanese architects '   a documentary  

i loved it


.                    .  .

making more scarves

about to have chinese take away 

have a nice diner !



     .                    .  .    

     stumbled upon the entire collection of the fries maritime museum

     after looking for the word glasbatist

     a few search terms for you : katoen-cotton or hout-wood
     friesland is up north

     love it !



     .                    .  .

     what caught my eye

     objects rescoped  

     dutch invertuals


     raw color




     one afternoon wasn't enough

     to get to see everything


     i'm happy that i went




.                    .  .

what intregued me

during DDW ,

 . top picture taken in a building called the Machine room .
 . bottom picture from here

was how primitive it can be in eindhoven and at the same time very sophisticated

a word like landfill combined with the beautiful architecture of the former philips buildings

you can view the 2011 graduates' work here

i'll show you more in my next post