mark van gennip

ink storm / graduation 2009
at the design academy eindhoven

picture by
rene van der hulst

cast iron pan

maybe i missed it but i haven't seen anyone use ink on fabric
at this school before ... an interesting development

have a nice weekend !

love this t-shirt

paper bag by naoto fukasawa

nice boys clothes

... i want to take what i'm doing
to a more professional level
by calling it art so the tax people
have an idea of what i'm doing :

the baby has to have a name ...

hmmm...what's next
yes the blog lay out

but first mixing colors
for a few new scarves

have a nice day !

.‧․.˙ .

noch ein winterwald
by anne schwalbe

coffee table
found it over here

i'm taking january as an opportunity
to regroup myself ... to think and do something
about where this blog is going ... where i am going

no big changes but small important ones

❨ ❩

months ago i bought these felted shoes
for my friends baby boy
i was hoping for new ones to arrive
because they're great

and i love the shape of that pan
found it here

read about it over here


another one from

the copy project

by kueng-caputo

doormat slippers


i was up to my elbows in indigo
which is somehow very intense




while she's dancing she's drawing a flower
in the sand with her feet

rosas danst rosas

filmed in the former technical school of leuven/belgium
designed by henry van de velde

denkmal 53
also this one

by jan de cock

denkmal 9 was created in the university library of gent/belgium
also designed by henry van de velde

the scarves are on my mind as well
did they all arrive...

‧ ․ ⁃

... etsy is getting better and better
and when i favorite something it's often gone within a week
i used to get a sick feeling in my stomach going through it all
but not anymore

lemonstory fall dress

+ this beautiful object

by skona life

sweet little shoes

migration drawing by michal opalski

it needs to be seen bigger
i found it over here


.... some new things around the house
and the little candles are here to stay
until it gets lighter

this chair would go nicely with it ...

i'm starting with back orders for the scarves this week
and filing all those color swatches from the first batch
a bit of a slow start ... which is good ... it's cold