scarves by ToU
via pingmag

dots from me

had coffee with sia yesterday... that was nice


mural by the wooster collective....

graffiti i can appreciate

the spoons are made by this gentleman
from biodegradable clay...

so no one is going to dig these up in a 1000 years
... but we have museums now

also like this garment...check out the detail

These are two of my favorite buildings...

the red one is for an energy plant in utrecht

the titanium one is the depot of the maritime museum here in amsterdam

it's colors change depending on the light

And i bought this picture from eshu
i'll show you when it's hanging properly



love everything about this picture.....
the light is now available over here

and i liked the left page in this book bought by bree

but i have to say my mind is in lisbon now with my friend
who's at this moment having a baby probably through
a caesarean section
fingers crossed.......

happy weekend my was a week with lots of beautiful things to see


milk can and stool by aldo bakker
he also made this beautiful series of glass ware
....i'm a fan

i'm picturing how our cat is just going to tip over this milk can
because he gets really fanatic when it comes to milk

....and i made it to ELMANCO'S : a blog list , under category D !

+ about some things by ruth-anne


necklace by sara borgegard via observatoriohm

karin eriksson showed some of her work this summer

here you can see certainly has that want factor

like this sweater has too ...




top picture from the new moves exhibition in london
students were asked to design a work light

and the ceramic salad bowl was made by willem van landeghem
in his second year of art school

i want that bowl...

happy weekend girls and boys !


coat hanger but i would hang bags on it and this lamp shade combined
with this one and this drinking glass.....enough reasons to visit habitat

i was also taken with some pictures from still waters via hopingforhappyaccidents
like the one above + this one

in fact i was so inspired that i went out shopping
and had a 'life changing' moment at h&m : i bought skinny black jeans
i haven't worn jeans in 12 years ....i'll try to take a picture of that
but it'll probably be only shocking to people who know me

+ a beautiful set on flickr of Tokyo backyards

.. . .. . . . . . . •。

stove and rice spoon from habitat , more tomorrow

... an easy post for today


Series called No Eyes by Pocket Paul taken in London

There're more beauties in this series like this one

but this is my choice...
as a consequence they look very stylish combined this way.

By far the best portraits i've seen on flickr
and i love the 50mm 1.4 lens he used


Spent a lot of time on flickr this weekend and because of this
gorgeous picture , i saw ernesto neto's work for the first time...
love his use of color and i like the shape in the picture above

and speaking of blurry .... love this set


sculpture by erin johnson

coat from topshop that I'd never buy because it would look smudgy /stained
in a week but it goes well with the sculpture

KOOS shoe collection for this winter

and 2 beautiful houses in Antwerp here and here

Somehow this was a great week.....happy weekend !


i just liked the three the color tones

clothes from topshop unique via vogue
butterfly via butterflyutopia
cappellini extra sofa

and more congratulations this week... to jen for having her own shop

took some fibre pictures .. last 2 of the set... i'm looking for a logo

▀ .▪

I was going to do a post on throws and wool but then i saw these interior pictures
by Janne Peters via Jen ....had to put the two together

Top blanket over here
brown alpaca throw here and here

another beautiful scarf on etsy

...i could live here....mmm that was a bit to cryptical... in these rooms i meant
but know i'm inspired to go looking for a house...

portrait with scarf .... there is humor in this


And last Friday maditi did a beautiful post on my 'sign-graphics'
....franks mobile got in there too....i'm honored

It's great what maditi is doing on maditi likes...a simple idea
but not easy to create i want to add

. ▪

often i'm blind to myself ....
meaning i was already mixing light and dark

lovely alpaca throws
via notonthehighstreet

Did you see martha's new baby cats and this collection of organized collections

Thanks for all your loving comments on my tea towels...heart warming
and for all your other comments as well

Wishing you a nice warm throw...if you need it

• •
• •

Jen mentioned Impuls Seatle the other day so i looked at it again
and realized their styling is going to be my solution and that is mixing
light colors with dark ones
Summer and winter in one....because i don't feel happy in only dark colors

Love the shoes in the bottom mention of a brand

Had another tea towel idea , it's called CHOCOLATE

+ ¦ ¦¦¦¦¦

Found this beautiful bear in the archives of this lovely blog.
because of my friend who's having a baby girl in a few weeks,
i'm still heavily into baby stuff .

Maybe that's why only recently , this glassware by Tse&Tse caught my eye
probably because of the milk theme . via clio

And this made me very happy when i was about 5

Nothing wrong with etsy but congratulations to Maria for having her own shop
that is kinda cool isn't it...

You should see this's funny , and this one i love too

⁄ _\ –

photography Bob Goedewaagen

This just makes my day......

From the Dutch Design Port Exhibition at TENT Rotterdam
until 28th Oct.
(i forgot to mention that every object in this picture is by Bertjan Pot)

On Saturday we went to the LLoyd Hotel...
i'm not a big fan of white toast so the search for good food and
nice surroundings continues here're some pictures