.                     .      i'm working on new scarves  , there's a bit of snow on the garden table

+ virginie/maize started mi-avril

.                     .

antique plates found at the noordermarkt   i  use them for bread , sandwiches


a very beautiful exhibition by Doug Wheeler / David Zwirner gallery



a lot of people

aren't using the word



they only use DIE

as in :

het meisje dat  . the girl who

de jongen die  .  the boy who

for that reason a post about HET + DAT

.                         .       dave hakkens

sculpted plug , socket + plug in plug

on top of that        .      ..   dust ball

+ break soap

i love it when someone thinks about the less glamorous sides of design

designs  that have the potential to be life changing

i'm  dreaming of a wireless world ,  without batteries

.                            .          from a few years back

i've been going through my favorite books last weekend

+   a new to me book from mina perhonen *

.                         .          something for the birds

                                   i'm keeping the lights on for a bit

they're making sortofwinter  much more pleasant


.                    .        in the meantime at the zuiderzee museum

    INDUSTRIOUS/Artefacts on the evolution of crafts

    by studio makkink & bey

.                    .      

i'm going to start 2012 with   as little design as possible

don't you just want that white flashlight , braun should start doing re-issues
or ask dieter rams back or someone else with the same ideas on design

+ sori yanagi


.                    .  .                          

wishing you a wonderful new year ✳ 

i'm going to work on some new ideas this week
talk to you next monday


the new year will be wonderful  i can feel it