delfts blauw

i was watching ' girl with the pearl earring '

so beautiful


the other half of the pumpkin
i turned into soup

not recommending the puree

the soup is delicious

ˆ ˇ



                                                                              merry christmas

                          i'm going to make pumpkin puree :)



                                                                                                                          fake fur

     winter has been very kind so far


     happy sunday




                                                                                      christmas  tree




                                                      plants !


                                                                                                              musa balbisiana

            i didn't realize until now how much they mean to me

                                                there's a small fig as well

                   you will meet her later



                                                                                                               i live

in the middle of town     a place where i feel surrounded 


                                                                                           not alone


                                                                                                                            woolen blanket

from the thrift store

                            makes me feel at home



                                                                                   . joy of little things

annemarie opened up a shop *



.   . .