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     .          . .

     salvatore franzese

he used a natural thread on the surface , something like coton or linen probably
it gives light as well , i'm seeing a birdshead , love the color





.           . .

flowers from the market to start off the week

sanguisorba + scabiosa

hope they make you happy too



found some fabric that i love

justk by amunt

don't miss the interior it's quite breathtakingly beautiful




                    .               . .



                   rodrigo almeida


                   very inspiring ,  in the sense that it radiates a wonderful energy
                   an homage to rei kawakubo


    .                    . .

    they are trying to make diy more fun for women

  ․ intrigued by the christmas tree

    in front of this house                  





                            .               . .   


                          love these pieces


                          alex  hellum

                         books i'd love to have :

                         dieter rams

                         louise bourgeois

╺ ╻



              .                    . .      


              painting the front door

              mixing the color ourselves
              the second layer will be more beige then blue

              although this color already makes me soooo happy


             happy weekend !


 .               . .   on  a short break until friday


© grijs

© sacha

i'm going to try out these eggs over the weekend   .   kwarteleieren     

.               .  love the color of the sandals

wishing you a lovely weekend
tomorrow is going to be very warm over here