I learned a new word today.. 'Coveting'.. thanks to Carson of Needle's Edge
because of my post yesterday...

..more coveting again today because of these two lights presented in Milan
the red one is by
Bertjan Pot the bottom one by Eric Klarenbeek
via Reluct

Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you on Tuesday...Monday is a holiday because our queen
celebrates her birthday then so Amsterdam will be packed with people dancing , drinking
children playing the violin and of course selling stuff they don't need any more...

/ \

... And I just have to share this one to

Cutlery by Maarten van Severen for
when objects work

The plate looks like a vintage one by then porcelain company Boch la Louvière

I might be wrong on that...click to see a bigger picture


TOPOWARE a project by Karola Torkos & Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

more pictures from their presentation in Milan on their Flickr page

The project was also done in collaboration with Thomasino Barkenow

Cutlery by Tomàs Alonso

I'm so happy to see something really beautiful from Milan

Thanks to MocoLoco

as if...fantasy was reality

By Malin Lundmark (Sweden)
I really like the colors in this microcosmos
Lamp 'Vira' made of glass now presented at Milan Furniture Fair

( )

Photography : Dr. Unto K.Laine

I know....
you can't hang the moon
over your dinner table...

But In BLOGVILLE you can

Table "Bent" by Christophe de la Fontaine and Stephan Dietz for Moroso


Yesterday Sia , Irene , Marieke and I got together in Amsterdam..
We spend 2 hours together with just one cup of coffee each...
that's because we talked a lot...
We had a really nice almost blind-date !

Light Sculptures

By Maike Ammann
I found her work at
Art Olive a Dutch Art Gallery where you can see lots of art online , unfortunately the website is only in Dutch
Maike made these photographs using a light source and long shutter speeds
I think they look out of this world


Catherine Wagner "A Narrative History of the Light Bulb"
at the
Stephen Wirtz Gallery

Naoto Fukasawa for B&B Italia made of Corian

Boîtes à trésors-La Mer

I've got a bit of a theme going on here....

These brooches are made by Lyndie Dourthe

A lot of love go's in to them...beautifully made... via Egg Mercantile


I really like these images...they're actually rather big

meant to cover your walls.

I like the layering and the softness...
By Berlin based wallpaper company

I can't wait..

for this one to bloom
It's called Polygonatum multiflorum or Solomon's seal

I have a big love for microscopic pictures , this one of an Asplanchna ( plankton)
was taken by Dutch photographer

Wim van Egmond he is a true artist and also makes beautiful drawings
I found it here

Rineke Dijkstra

The streets of Amsterdam are always filled with garbage and often it's of a good quality
Saturday we came across a cardboard box filled with books and in one of the books I found
these pictures by Rineke Dijkstra.
The pictures were part of a project to raise awareness about children in asylum seekers centers in The Netherlands in 1994.
Rineke Dijkstra doesn't have a website , but
here you can see more photographs and here's an interview with her.

Cherry Tree

My favorite garden would be a piece of land with just grass and cherry trees in it.
This tree is standing in my neighborhood and when I pass by it I stop
and look up into it.
I hope the picture gives you a bit of that sensation

Wonderfully weird

These pictures are from the winter 07/08 collection by Bernhard Wilhelm
found at Totem a French press agency for fashion.

Another wonderfully weird thing I came across was the music by CocoRosie
Here you can listen to some of their songs

Scholten & Baijings

Photography : Inga Powilleit 2007

This project called Stills by Scholten&Baijings from 2004-2005
was done in collaboration with the Textile Museum in Tilburg.
I really love the textile and the colors..I'm mentioning it now because
they now have found a manufacturer : Ahrend a Dutch office furniture company
famous for the "Revolt"chair by Friso Kramer.


I'll leave you with this picture by Dutch photographer Ellen Kooi

Enjoy your Easter holidays...and I'll see you next Wednesday

Birthday party

I'm going to a birthday party later today of the daughter of my cousin.
It's her 9th birhday, I hope she likes my present.
I bought it at Egg Mercantile in Amsterdam , i think it was Irene of Bloesem
who first mentioned this shop...I'm re-discovering my own city...

Hering Berlin....and...

I had the pleasure to see these ceramics from Hering Berlin in Vivian Hann'sStore in Amsterdam. They're even more beautiful in the flesh so to speak.

...and I've really enjoyed K.Coopers post last Monday on Mustard...

The pillowcase by UNIFORM Studio is really beautiful...

...the grey theme of Port2Port's new card set also clicked with me...

Erik Verdonck

Erik Verdonck made this fine knitted garment in close collaboration with
Marina Yee 2003-2004

Handmade envelopes for invitations 2005-2006

Erik Verdonck was born in 1968 in Merksem/Belgium
graduated in 1993 in fashiondesign at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Has a hate/love relationship with the fashion industry
and a big love for knitted and/or hand sewn clothes

Tanja Friedrichs

Photography : Tom Haartsen

I found these spoons by Tanja Friedrichs in the archives of
Galerie RA. They were part of an exhibition called SPOONS
in 2003
Her project is called Re-spoons , because the spoons are made out of old plastic bottles
This is the only link I could find on her

Chair and Bugs

Wanted to show you my new tea towel by Studio Job
Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel.

The dilemma I have with beautiful tea towels is that I
like to have them but I don't want them to get dirty
...which is unavoidable...

(Studio Job's website isn't up and running yet)