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renilde depeuter
embroidered fabric

just love the portrait by david schoerner
it's part of series of girls photographed
from the back

+ some beautiful woven samples
by renilde

thanks to gotasalviento + lena

... summer has kicked in
over the last few days
i want to spend some time
experimenting with wool
and dye ...

... maybe go to the sea

see you again next friday

... need to find a place for beautiful
small things

some new fabric samples 1+2

... love them all

tomorrow i'm going to take a 3d felting workshop !


b(u)y lena&maria

see you on wednesday

pieter vermeersch 2008

showed you some of his work before
this piece was new to me

and i'm fascinated with this public theatre
in tokyo

love how it goes so well with
the rest of the neighborhood

.... some more windows
my own this time

... there's a theme developing here

antwerp fashion show pictures are online
via antwerpfashionobserver

i like the first year the most

andrea ayala closa is still my favorite


.... wrapping related

2 beautiful projects

scissors and nutcrackers by susan verheijen

they're now part of an exhibition in new york
see more on sub-studio

tioat series by mischer'traxler
read more on designboom

. . . . SOLD !!!

so happy

a BIG thank you to all who bought !

and a BIG thank you to joachim and kate
for showing them on their blogs
+ for loving them

. . . . i feel so inspired

time to start packing

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...this picture one me over

thinly sliced fennel
thinly sliced cedro lemons
and taggiasca olives
with french olive oil

and this pasta dish

something to try out when it's warm

the book is in dutch by manfred meeuwig
who owns a beautiful oil and vinegar shop
on the haarlemmerstraat here in amsterdam

have a lovely weekend !

....i'm going to work on
the pictures for the shop

i'm showing you a glimpse of the new scarves

shop update monday the 8th of june

around 16:00 amsterdam time

... bought a nice cookbook
i'll show you tomorrow

© michael tolmachev

... nice when someone sends you
thanks an li !

yes this makes you look a bit ... like a three year old
but i love it

via youheshe

i'm photographing the new scarves
the plan is to have them in the shop
by next thursday...