hey girls and boys
i'm very busy taking pictures of
the new tea towels

but ça va aller
thanks to dear ada

hopefully the sun will shine
tomorrow because then it's queensday
and i'm going hunting for a tea pot
mine just broke

it was such lovely weather these last 3 days
it was time for the summer curtains...

i was taking pictures and finding another way of
photographing the new tea towels

the pictures above are from xs-extra small
the spoons are made by manon van kouswijk
+ a glimpse of my apron

best behavior

ceramic stools for the garden by luca nichetto
for moroso
very lovely in high grass
thanks to designboom

on a personal note.... the new tea towels are finished !

i'll need a few more weeks for the pictures
and the shop..

and i've started painting again on fabric
because that is so much more direct

enjoy your day !


dit is LAND

and some nice things from milan ...

five little mirrors made of silver , black marble , gold
bone china and maple wood with urushi lacquer
how much you can see in the mirror depends on the material used
by brecht duijf from the design academy eindhoven

foldable metal sheet chair
called stich by adam goodrum for cappellini
thanks to designboom


can you immediately see what this is ?

i thought i was looking at someone
dressed up in a costume
with it's head bent down....
i like it when you can't tell right away

it's a picture by audrey corregan of a series
called obviously

and i like this now in milan

+ this lovely spoon


christiane högner ↑ and diane steverlynck ↓are having a duo
presentation at the salone satellite in milan where
you can see their old and new works until the 21 of april

wish i could go there ... luckily designboom is doing a wonderful
job at covering as much as possible

until next week and enjoy your weekend !
i should clean the garden and take care of the plants

i liked this project by jeff werner , who is doing
a 6 month exchange at the design academy eindhoven ,
it is an idea for a clock you can see more on flickr

what i'm seeing is a sort of printed origami piece of clothing

and sometimes people from far and away have to point you to
things right under your nose , well almost
like this construction in rotterdam by MVRDV
via casasugar

tomorrow a bit on milan design week...


i spend a lot of time in the bathroom
these days...maybe that's why i envisioned
a dipped bathing suit and i'm starting to have dreams
about woven wool , it was so beautiful...

i should be wearing gloves....

+ thank you anke !

................................................................................................................... ● .

the black hole
i liked the cover

+ a beautifully printed silk top by stine goya
via youheshe

․ …․

some very beautiful slippers for today
by rosa mosa

i always feel a bit self conscious with open toe shoes
but these are tempting ...

wishing you some sunshine !


2 pieces that inspired me..

jamie pitarch
martin wöhrl

via spencer brownstone gallery

+ this choppingboard

picture by vincent van gurp

just in time before it starts getting warmer...

heater table by reinier bosch designed for large spaces
like a restaurant , it would warm you and the food
it's going to be presented in milan next week

and this sounds interesting

+ for those of you who missed my dipped
tea towels... i'm working on a second series


well the packages are all on their way
i did it ...
it gives me an appetite for more
and it was an enjoyable experience
thanks to your great support !

about the picture now
on some days i really like baby blues and pinks
via designboom

+ this one , also because of the inspiring shapes

have a nice weekend !
mine will be about my little nieces birthday
+ about sleeping and hopefully a nice movie

| |

a beautiful apron , love the top part
from jurgen lehl

because today is packing day

can you believe i expected to sell
maybe 1 or 2..
so thank you from the bottom of my heart !!

my feet have landed a bit since this morning

yesterday i stared a lot at the monitor
with my hand over my mouth in disbelief
today i'm really happy my birds
are flying out as they were meant to

oh and spoon & tamago is doing a great
series on japanese architecture
....love part 6

Thank you again for everything !


okay here we go .... the dipped project store

i just had this shop in my mind and it had to come out
i hope you will enjoy it because it became a project
of it's own

made in rotterdam

a quick post because i'm
working on my shop...
it will open tomorrow
at 16:00 amsterdam time