.    .  ..    .  one thing i love about winter

is warm bathroom towels

and i love the sound of the word           pod

flowers are scabiosa stellata         

. ....      .  almost finished with mordanting new scarves


. . . all shipped

this color is inspiration for the next series

* julie did an interview with me

* i like Alex's lay-out

it's time to start with chistmassy things
like cards and food
i want to make custard with caramel sauce

. . . the shop is OPEN

they looked like fish to me

so i called the collection  zalm - salmon - saumon - salmone

just click the salmon and you'll enter the shop

scroll down to see all 5

click a scarf for details

enjoy *


thank you for buying !

.   .   .    wool wash

we're halfway painting the floor

things are starting to look very minimal from a certain angle ;)

. . .  a quick preview

in the shop on thursday the 10th :)

layered house

. . . working on new scarves
hope to have them in the shop by next wednesday