I'll admit it right away.... the coat isn't exactly flattering to the body but I have this love for
I changed the color a bit...
(available in the U.K U.S.A and Australia at TOPSHOP)

The spoons are made by Ivan Kasner also part of this collective

He was looking for ways to let a product last for centuries or at least a lifetime
....hmmm how to explain this : if a forest gets buried under lava , the wood gets burned but at the same time preserved , it will not rot... it turns into a stony matter.
Ivan mimiced this process but it took him just a couple of weeks...

Love this journal by hachii


Remember this add I showed you back in February ...
Well...here's another one
Hit the pause button first...wait till it's loaded and then press play
if that doesn't work...here's the small version

Advertising Agency : Fallon London
Director : Nicolai Fuglsig
Art Director : Juan Cabral
Music : José González

I'm naming them all because they did a wonderful job....sometimes an add is a great excuse to make a beautiful very short film...


Googling around I came across this piece of art by Olafur Eliasson
found it on BLDG a blog about architecture

It's a light sculpture that is constantly moving and changing
here you can see more pictures.... it's called Remagine (2002)
I would love to see that moving...

on the weekend I watched a bit of the Glastonbury festival and saw
the Arctic Monkey's for the first time....they looked like they were only 17
but they turned out to be 21 already. Anyway ... a great performance


Eva Sofia Hagström just graduated at Denmark design school's textile department
I am really taken with her project , it's called reflections because she tried to reflect the outside
surface of the building in her textile design.
I like the way she was thinking not only as a textile designer but also like an architect

Here you can also see all the other graduates.

. . . .

click for a better view

I thought I'd treat you to a wonderful view today...

You can see the rest of the house here
I'm not the skiing type but for this I would visit Switzerland

: You've been leaving such sweet and loving comments lately...
i want to thank you for that and let you now that i really appreciate them :


Prototype by AM design studio

Is it a dress or is it a lampshade....

Here you can see what I mean

▬ ▫

A bit of inspiration on labels for today... and here is another one

And thanks Irene for mentioning grijs in your interview with
Pethra from inredningsbloggen...

Next month we're going to a wedding in Germany.... so that's why I'm into dresses at the moment. 'what to wear....what to wear'
These are dresses from the 'lump' collection by Rei Kawakubo/comme des garçon 1997
and these and this one are from Junya Watanabe/comme des garçon 2000/01

You know how some people get tears in their eyes from watching a painting..
I get emotional when seeing dresses like these.

I'm looking forward to reading the interview with Maria Vettese at design*sponge
and.... Hoping for happy accidents ... your an inspiration to me too.

Cosmos light by naoto Fukasawa
... this isn't new but i really wanted this light close to yesterday's pink dress

Moco Loco found the book i was looking for by SANAA
Reluct went to the graduate show of the design academy Eindhoven
... and I found a very good blog on graphic design , fashion etc. by Etienne Mineur

Have a nice weekend...


Picture : Chris Moore

This dress threw me right back into my pink fase...
when you've had one you now it never go's away completely

Hussein Chalayan spring/summer 2000
called Before minus now...I'm a fan...

And when googling for Hussein I came across a beautiful collection of photographs and paintings
called the H+F collection...some of Hussein's pieces are part of it too but I didn't see them on their website.
They are bought for Centraal Museum Utrecht

. . . . . . . . . . . .

This animation has been removed from Issey Miyake's website
he's got a new website with a new animation ... you can see it here

I really like them although this new one is a bit heavy in terms of kilo bytes

Created by Masahiko Sato+Euphrates , Sound Track by Seiichi Yamamoto


° )
( •

The other day I came across 2 beautiful books by Japanese Architects
Sejima Kazuyo and Nishizawa Ryue .... here you can see one of the books with pictures
taken by Walter Niedermayr.

This book is about their public spaces the other one about residential projects. Couldn't find it on the internet.

The picture was taken at an exhibtion Designboom did an article on that exhibition

_ ¯

... at a second glance
I go for number three...
(via BRANCH)

... and what I thought I was seeing

was a tablecloth...

but it's a table runner

I like the idea of an a-symmetrical tablecloth

Table by Lucy Merchant



I saw the lamp in a shop a few weeks ago and asked who made it , which I would have done anyway...but since I started grijs I have to say you start looking at things differently .... the next thing that go's through your mind is: I hope she has a website and preferably with good pictures on it. Hope it's not Under Construction...

..... anyway yada yada yada these beauties are made by Celine Wright

Tomorrow I'm going to hunt for cotton an I've found a silkscreen printer who I'm going to visit next week...here's why

Enjoy the sun if you like to ( if there is sun )

▪▪▪ . ▪ ▪▪ .. ▪ ▪

Photography : Yangtan In Transit

Christiane Perrochon

Is it just me...... or are you also thinking of a vacation


Really nice presentation of Kvadrat fabrics at Le Bain in Tokyo

a gallery and shop in one...fabrics by Mina Perhonen Fritz Hansen + Piero Lissoni


This was my absolute favorite at the Rietveld design sale but there were more beauties there
...here you can see them

Bag by Emily van Olden from the textile department


Thanks Danielle for showing the pieces by Dinosaur design
i just love these serving spoons...

The book was designed by Marloes de Laat en Roel Vaessen
...behind every door is a contribution to the book by a different designer...
...great title ;)

On Monday I'll show you what I discovered on the other design sale...
Until then ... be well