taiji fujimori

.  .    .  2 more months to find a place in antwerp

⡊ ⎖



                                                                                                                      mango © grijs

        from a while ago 

                                             it looks so midieval to me


                                                                                                      portrait of a lady     1460

                                                                                        andree jardin

⌎ ⌍

                                                                                                                   golden leaves © grijs

all summer long i've been into mirrors        old ones






                                                                                                                       magical contamination




                                                                                                           black house


                                                                                                           4th market


                                                                                                         prianka sisodiya

happy monday *

                                                                                                      new       hair pins

why periods of transition are interesting



                                                                                           in defiance of being here     2013

richard t walker

.                               .   .       my heart is somewhere out there      floating