... finally i can start cooking the fern leaves :)

i'm keeping this one though

in the meantime i'm taking care of a little lost cat
he's hiding himself in the garden ...

fujiya inn

©David Grandorge

brendeland & kristofferson

... a housing project on the norwegian island of svalbard

saw a documentary by jan gehl
a danish architect
he's trying to decipher why old towns and cities are usually
pleasant places to live in and why new architecture fails
to do so

... we kind of lost ourselves going to the moon

wood helps

posting is back to normal from today

lotte geeven - it was getting late

cup made of cassava starch

feel free to call them
if the material inspires you

and if you're in london you can
visit 'up all night' at the central st. martins innovation gallery

chris kindly invited me to the private viewing
which i have to miss unfortunately

the exhibition is part of the london design festival

jugs jars & pitchers

would have been on my wish list as well

almost back up on my feet

+ in total contrast to my state of being at the moment

studio stunts

there's more to be said on studio stunts
i'll do that next monday

and thank you for wishing me well

...dear people, i'm a bit under the weather to put it mildly
i need to sleep it out for a few more days

i have this big fern growing in the garden and i want to cook it
hopefully in a few days


vanessa cao

oscar diaz

came across vanessa's work at sia's place
... so beautiful , had to show it to you

and i liked reading how found by oscar diaz came about

where would we be without people who invent things
of any kind really ... i mean i love them for it

... not always in any case of course

lara alegre


i'm surrounded by various pots and pans
to wash and mordant the new fabrics

.. they're in the kitchen , the bathroom
with memo's on them for time lines

i'll be happy when this part is over
saying that makes me happier already

it's just kind of mind numbing

... so for some more mind tingling :

salvor projects