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a dream to have your clothes hanging like this

and this chair is quite special...
it's made of leather parts sewn together
and it just stands up on its self

tomek rygalik

... don't you feel like going
on some kind of holiday
with lazy days filled with sun and watermelons

+ breathe design

happy weekend !

i was so inspired by maize's post on
josefine wiel fredén

this is what i'm doing now...looking for
colors to work with for an idea for a centerpiece
on the dining table

or something else ...

and speaking of felt....

i just came across this wonderful sheep stable

on judit bellostes


on our way to the garden center
on saturday

cucina festiva.....click the picture so you can see it big

one package didn't arrive in time for frank's birthday
so we will celebrate twice , why not.... it was fun

see that big wooden spoon on the right that's probably
by matfer bourgeat i bought a smaller one here

and i very much like this project


such a nice diner set by henning&boegershausen

.... it spells summer to me

via pan-dan

but at the same time i'm into autumn

because of these boots at dress of the day

and this styling at une file comme moi

gorgeous colors and there is that fur part
don't want to promote that

see you one of these days ... it's frank's birthday tomorrow


thin chair version 2.0. by junio design cut out of one
sheet of steel

and a jug by eno
i would love this as a tea pot but it's the size of a mug

edition 293


cardigan by martin margiela knitted from bamboo fibers

and a necklace by shari pierce

to me this is an inspiring combination because of the colors
and the shapes , the paint on the necklace i find a bit suffocating

did you notice the bigger picture ... i was struggling with that
some pictures i feel need a bigger size then 400x400
not necessarily this one but i wanted to try it out ;)
thank you sabra

today and tomorrow

dank en

the packages are all on their way since last friday... so cool to go the post office with all of them

and i'm testing something because it appears that blogger allows you to stretch the pictures bigger...they do get unsharp though and after publishing this one turns into a square...hmmm ....okay it's fixed now

this is how i use the kitchen
testing new fabric dye

but now i'm in the mood for felting

+there's a lot of blogs i visit so i'm going to mention
one or two everyday :




today is packing day for me and some packaging related
objects for you...

+ thank you for yesterday... it was so much fun !
that people appreciate something you put your
heart into is so rewarding

take away food containers by studio friso
would it be great for french fries...?

and stool particule by adrien rovero
the material is normally used to make pallets of

well girls and boys here is the second dipped series !

to me they are completely different because that
happens when you change one detail in the process
like using a bigger pan for example
and it made it fun for me

i also used a different kind of dye and as a result
some of them turned out grey
those are very beautiful but for some reason not so photogenic

:: if the first page of the shop is loaded just click that picture
and you will enter the page with the tea towels

:: for the buying page click the magnifying glass or the tea towel.


+ many thank yous and xxx to frank for building the shop


a clip from a documentary on chinese
school children on BBC 3
some of them showed their homes
i loved the combination of concrete and wood
one of the dads was a carpenter


+ for the people in amsterdam :

this week there's a ted noten sales going on
at gallery rob koudijs
i'm going to try to visit

and because tomorrow is opening day for my
new series of dipped tea towels ....
NOON for me could mean THIS for you

▪ ▪ ▪

how was your weekend...it isn't spring over here
more like summer and i spent a lovely time at my friends place
this is a glimpse of her wieki lamp

and because it's so summery over here
i got a different idea for the shop
even though i still like the first plan

so hard work today to get it all finished
in time before this wednesday at noon

cover: fiona tan , scenario

forever blanket by BCXSY

wishing you an early happy weekend
because i'm going to visit a friend
...aaaalll the way on the opposite side
of the netherlands

+ next week the shop will open
i'll tell you more about it on monday


a very nice top

+ there was this really nice tv program on belgian television
where every week a guest could show things that inspired them
almost like a blog called lux xl
one of the guests was arne quinze
i like his mutagenesis exhibition

someone else showed work of michel bras
a french master chef
from this documentary


it is such a lovely day.... those are the trees
in front of our house

and that little white thingy is from the box
with dye i ordered , it's made of corn
you can't eat it i think but completely
biodegradable...love that they make packaging
materials like that

+ a book by maison martin margiela
you can find it under new

oh.. i just needed some color for today
and i love tiny parts

by bware

happy weekend !

i love this picture...also from OAK

queensday was okay we found one "teapot"
made of glass so we bought it
i'm naming it 50cents