... i'm working on a very nice project for newov !

brooke asked me if i would like to dye some yarn for her
(yes i'd love to)
and then she's going to weave it into ...

i'll show you when it's finished


the apartment was too small
but very happy to have stumbled upon these
gorgeous tiles

jugendstil / art nouveau

stool : patrik petersson for habitat
basket : gewoon

⠠ ⡐

... still enjoying summer

...we were looking for an apartment
in a city by the sea

tomorrow we're going to view one around the corner

.... no haven't walked a beach yet
hopefully next week the temperature will go up
... thanks for wishing for me

.... time is just slipping away
a bit of sand under my feet
when we went to a park in the eastern part of town
...just love sandy paths

loved an love to see him free styling
... it was magical when i was a kid
all the boys did an attempt at doing the moonwalk
the girls kept kind of quiet about it