.... time is just slipping away
a bit of sand under my feet
when we went to a park in the eastern part of town
...just love sandy paths

loved an love to see him free styling
... it was magical when i was a kid
all the boys did an attempt at doing the moonwalk
the girls kept kind of quiet about it


chaton de luxe said...

hallo loraine, wat een mooie schaduw foto! het lukt nooit zo goed als ik het probeer... maar heb een holga gekocht en ga deze vakantie wat fotos nemen! heb mijn blog nieuw leven in geblazen http://thejoyoflittlethings.blogspot.com/ - zo kan je toch nog een beetje het dagdagelijkse leven in antwerpen volgen! annemarie

Katherine Bowman said...

gorgeous photo

r said...

beautiful pics.
and that billie jean video.

Allan Rencontres said...

I hope the girl who's sandals were left waiting is having a sunbath. It matches the picture perfectly.

angela simione said...

pictures of shadows is one of my most favorite things. this is such a beatiful blog! glad to have found it. :)

Unknown said...

so gorgeous.

anywhere_Smile said...
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