this post turned out into something about chaos and high tea
(high tea , because it sounds so posh and orderly)

see the top image big over here
bottom over here

and i stumbled upon lynfabrikken on flickr
in this picture they're eating somewhere in london
i like the idea of eating of a wooden board

it's nice to not post and just read/look at your blogs

i'm inspired again....thank you girls and boys!


I dived into the archives of the europeanceramicworkcentre ,
they have this great artist in residence program

the washbowl is by lorna lee leslie
love the tap as well by vola

and these clippings from a documentary caught my eye
....love the colors

i'm going to post a little less frequent because
i find it hard to post about others every day and trying to make things
myself at the same time...

in short : i'm spending to much time on the internet


many times
when googling
i see these
little images

i find them
in their
own way

the bag f.e.
is very ugly
when seen big


we don't
over here
but i am
in the mood


a picture taken at the printing studio i visited
we did a test print for the tea towel project
next time we're going to print 20 of them
in a chocolate color and on linen

the rest of the pictures i took there are over here

you can see more of yoshioka sachio's work over here

+ beautiful clothes over here


had a wonderful day at a printing studio....more tomorrow

│▐ |

sub-studio already showed katja bremkamp 's
cutlery but i'm showing it too because i love it

the beauty of it is that she's designing cutlery for habitat
they're selling her rice spoon first
not in silver but in metal to keep it affordable

a bit of the eames spirit : beauty for the masses

and i like the spirit of fluo
via shift

wishing you lucky breaks

□ ▬

new to me these wall paintings by ragna berlin
she made them 10 years ago
they work really well in a large space

and i finally found a place for textile printing
at an affordable price , because the printer man
is to expensive.
but they're not answering the phone....yet

▬ —― ­­–

installations by pieter vermeersch from brussels
via anygivenname

love his work

have you seen ah-yi's woven scarf...it's gorgeous


i'm in love with this coat....doesn't she look lovely in it

and i love this picture
great color...and building


installation with mohair
by nicole noack

at a first glance i didn't see what this was

i just liked the shape...

if you want to know what it is , you can find it here

: :

a while a go i showed you yokoo's beautiful crochet scarfs
but she's actually a photographer

there's a kind of eerie atmosphere in these pictures
which i like

see all of her work over here

click the picture for a bigger view....it needs to be seen big

:: and don't mis jen's simply breakfast book

| \ ||

......as you can see i'm a bit in a polar kind of mood
also because of this picture by nikko

thought the ikea panels would be suited to cover up a door we never use
the blanket is a felted one

loved this .... posted by renee via impuls
see her prints over here

more catching up tomorrow

| / ||

clothespins from recycled wood and metal
by anneke jacobs

:: girls and boys i'm in the middle of a video editing job
so i hope to see you back next tuesday

i'll leave you with a new to me blog i like by pieter : today and tomorrow
where i found anneke