pictures of things i love to have around me
for bloesem's "your own private museum"

let's just say i'm very much into tools and into
materials like wood , metal , textiles and tiny stuff
like natural dye powder or leaves and flowers
to dye with
and not just because they're practical
but beautiful to me

the little milk pan is from zani&zani but there's nothing
to see on their website yet , designed by enzo mari
we bought it at a huge discount otherwise
it would've been something to only dream about
the other things are by people unknown to me

` ‵ '

flower bulbs dipped in wax as a way to package them
and when you plant them the roots grow through the wax

by marielle leenders

carpet by henzel

these have been hanging around in my files for a while
because i didn't know what to think of them
intriguing shape though
by miroike

◦ ◯ 。◦

some dot love for today

pertti kekarainen density series
and marimekko pilkku fabric

+ beautiful purple plates at craft2eu

and irene is doing a new series
on .... the things we collect

++ i'm working on something exciting
which i can tell you about in a few weeks

‧ ‧ ‧ ‧ ‧

planning to make scarves in different shapes...
the first one is a big square

i like the dark picture as well but the color comes across
best in this picture

and oh the vat ,
put some more yeast in it and fed it some more sugar
and now it's starting to look green

the cups are by annemette kissow
took the picture last year and forgot about it
but irene made me remember it
i'll tell you more about why later



gorgeous kimono fabric via

and even more gorgeous house socks
by rosemieke de hair

and the indigo vat isn't working yet
probably because the temperature is quite low
and then it takes longer ... but it isn't that smelly anymore !
Talk to you later...i have a friend coming over and we're going
to drink coffee in the park

happy weekend !


mirror by
takashi sato

it would make a
lovely textile design

+ a very beautiful cup

and i've started the natural indigo vat
it should be working by the end of the week
.... it smells like hell !!
i used yeast + sugar
i'm hoping it will smell lesser in time ;)
luckily i can put a lid on it most of the time

since we are not going on a summer holiday
i decided to treat this month as sort of one

but i'll be spending lots of time on dyeing and
I discovered that you can use pigments for
painting/printing ,with soy milk as a binder
and that france has lots of natural pigments
what would happen to france if we stopped
using synthetic pigments
would it ruin the landscape etc.

Lot's of things to think about when you try to do things
as environmentally friendly as possible,
white linen f.e. is normally bleached with chlorine
a more safe way is by the use of oxygen , i'm trying that now
because indigo looks better on a white background
it doesn't bleach very well and you have to use lots of it

love this dyed piece

the pictures are from playing with digital brushes
and the bottom one is from last sunday when
i put on some nice clothes for a change
and to say hi

i would love to spend some time over here
wouldn't you ...

‐ _ ­­— ﹘

textile art by
marianne kemp

i was googling the uk
for blankets ... such a great
country ... lots of sheep
and lots of weavers

these i like very much
+this one

got some very nice dark green
what i'm still after is burgundy