mirror by
takashi sato

it would make a
lovely textile design

+ a very beautiful cup

and i've started the natural indigo vat
it should be working by the end of the week
.... it smells like hell !!
i used yeast + sugar
i'm hoping it will smell lesser in time ;)
luckily i can put a lid on it most of the time


Unique Lapin said...

that dress is astonishing, could really use it for a dinner party that i have to attend!

Ashes and Milk said...

Haha! Can you put your smelly vat of indigo outside somewhere? Love to see a photo of the actual contraption~

Anonymous said...

oooh i cannot wait to see the end result!!!

so said...

love the dress.
(i have a slight crush on metallic silver...)

SASHA said...

love the folds of the dress. my question about yoox: everything i have ever ordered from them has come to me looking pre-worn. rosa mosa sandals dirty, bikkemberg sneaker soles rubbed. it would be fine if it was sold as already used, but to my knowledge it isn't. have you had no problems like this with them?

stephanie levy said...

what a wonderful find! i discovered your blog today via Jennifer Causey. I posted an interview with her today and she named your blog as one of her favorites :) So please drop by for a read!