autumn/winter colors

tema side table

.... for the new scarves

the black one was a nice surprise
all the recipes out there call for iron
but with catechu you don't need it

we were in bed with the flu
most of the week
... nothing is back to normal really
frank and i are busy with something
very exciting/unspectacular at the same time
all i can say about it now , is that we are not moving

... tell you more about a new project
coming up in a few weeks
in my next post

╴ ╵

sushi tray

... something started growing in my living room
and it turned into a chair...

love the fabric on the left

aqua creations

... an anish kapoor moment while construction workers have invaded our apartment

directório arco

... cute + elegant

jean shin

love the colors

... brrr i'm cold

have a warm weekend !

... sock weather :)

love these coat hangers
dirk landauer

... love this

by nelson sepulveda


photographed by

mark eden schooley

...have a nice sunday !

conclusion : i'm a peasant girl
wearing a long wide-skirted dress
... at heart