or miner's lettuce

this is just so good !

i hardly ever talk about food
sometimes i can get very enthusiastic
about it though

mix it with
olive oil
cooked eggs
parmesan cheese
tuna fish
nice company

... i'm looking for traces of spring

digna kosse


colors and sizes are in proportion/relation to the human body

some more spring tomorrow



.... it was raining very gently last night
it sounded like summer

love the prototypes + experiments
at the aram gallery

... i wanted to show you this photograph
by brigitte heinsch / maditi

i've been looking at it for a while
and find it very haunting

i picture it

printed very big
hanging up in a large space

... now spring can start !

curious lamp

... colors make me happy

and renildes' flowers

i'll go again for some fabric shopping tomorrow

have a nice weekend !

... chalk



stinne gorell

.... goodbye winter

... a cup of coffee to start the week

i 've been cleaning out closets
took this fabric out so i can enjoy it

here's how the fern ended up by the way











took a walk through my neighbourhood

saw scandinavia . . poland

. belgium

.... i was going to say

look how beautifully made
by finnish woodworkers
designed by secto

and then something sad happened
in the family

... times are a bit stressful

... read somewhere that alpaca is

harder to felt

... because it is so delicate

it's true

i'm starting to like alpaca when felted

... the sun is shining :)
well it did for an hour ...