╵ ╶

. . . out of town

and back again to work on the kitchen

i'll try to post soon

this mint reminds me of the landscape

between antwerp en gent

and the plants growing between

the rail tracks at dampoort station

. . . it was very beautiful


still camping out
or more like camping in

brito . rodriguez arquitectura

inės and gilberto create beautiful spaces
with lots of light

... sigh

a beautiful tram

. . . bought a bulb

it doesn't need soil at this point

so cool

henrik vibskov


knitted with 2 different color threads then dip dyed

would love to see it for real

. . . he likes going places

tonight he will get some cooked chicken
it's animal day  .  .  .                                                                                 


it isn't cold enough yet
but i'm looking forward to
wearing wool again