japanese quince

           it's used for bonsai i want to try that

           the blossom is also for irene / bloesem


.      .  .     .   something very special happened

grijs   is featured on  trendtablet  by  lidewij edelkoort ● ◯

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tomorrow .      .. .  blossom !

´ ‵

.     .  ..   .   we didn't paint the walls

i love the plaster just the way it is

。 °。


.    ... .. .   spring !


evam eva

yesterday i was cleaning out my picture files
and liked this combination
discovered the evam eva sweater was already on here
but not together with a thalictrum
surely , i thought
i'm afraid to say but in that case  plants were involved
as well
even the post title is almost the same

it's good to look back every now and then
because i'm much happier with this post




    .    . .    . some scenes from the kitchen


    we used hi-macs for the kitchen drawers and surface

    still thinking of ways to open up the drawers



    the dutch red cross
    has started campaigns for both japan + libya



Lars Müller Publishers

i 'm into typography these days

.    . .   stuart is back in town

with a new project 'stillness of the mind'

i'm on his wanderlust list

don't miss hvítur


.     .  .      .      .  the diner table is ready

the floor is painted

planted 3 bulbs

to my viewers from japan : i'm thinking of you


                            n° 1

                            i have trouble throwing things away
                            like the pieces of paper in this picture
                            who collected themselves by chance

                           n° 2

                           last april i stopped smoking 


                            n° 3

                            i studied at a certain art school largely because i liked the building
                            ( de rietveld )

                            n° 4

                            last year i discovered the quality of white fabric lampshades
                            never owned one before

                            n° 5

                            i love quietness ,a kind that is never empty

                            n° 6

                           i want to do more with textiles than dyeing



                            i love visiting cities
                            and getting to know them
                            after 3 days i usually
                            do not want to get back home

                          it's almost midnight

                          sleep well



.     .    .. ..   .   you can hear the sound of the drums in the background i hope

    le train fantôme




    sunday suppers

    studio nord


    i decided to hand out the award to people not already
    featured on my blog

    choosing 7 means leaving out
    many more

    tomorrow 7 things about me because this post is getting way to long

fabric maybe even looks better on kho

a rock from the albert cuyp market

i'll go back tomorrow to buy trout/forel and dill / dille
and ask what the rock's name was again

have a lovely weekend !

p.s. trout+ dill , risotto and carrots aside
      carrots cooked together with basil
.   .      . my favorite diner
after many weekends of trial and error

. ...       .. .    ideas on how to paint the chair

the sun is shining !

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