sartoria vico

a wonderful collection of clothes ,
beautiful knits for winter

their accessories for spring 2009
caught my eye

:: i mention the word alpaca .... and exciting things started to happen
hopefully more on that tomorrow

:: thanks to sandra juto for mentioning my scarves
... the last scarf is on its way to one of her loving readers

.... we both know this is the best spot when it comes to light
on the window sill to the right


.... have been searching for alpaca fibers
to start a new project

the muhka in antwerp has been painted white
it looks so much better

i'm loving winter this year .. the light is very beautiful

... wishing you a lovely weekend !

... making drawings of our apartment

had to buy this tape it's so beautiful

felt cafe

... poor people of haiti

all the knowledge and equipment is there
it just costs millions

tom dixon


... there's this great store in copenhagen

cph square

i'll post more regularly from now on

just busy with uninteresting stuff like a damp wall f.e.

found a great product for that it's called hydroment
a cement based plaster that prevents water from creeping up
... a german invention and now there's a belgian importer
sorry only in dutch

... needed to share that , it's a great product

² ◌ ¹ ◯

... wishing you a wonderful new year !

and thanks for visiting this space last year ...

something unbelievable happened at the end of last year
... someone rang our doorbell and asked us
if we would like to buy our apartment

... and we did

celebrated that in antwerp last week
... yes there's a contradiction there

anyhow ... the new year will be about white and light
and i know you will make the world more beautiful
again this year