just love that building
and the store that's in it

+ my new shoes


i was so excited that i couldn't wait for my silkscreen
to arrive , so i tried out semi transparent paint
and just brush it on.

what i like in the blue one are the pencil lines
and i had to think of this drawing i have.

coincidentally kelly showed a picture from a tablecloth
yesterday by dora jung

the bottom one is my favorite , i get easily distracted
when i use color so that's for a later stage
and with transparent paint it doesn't seem
to lay on top of the fabric so much
my discoveries so far....


photograph 1 : 'dancing to...so' by soft cell
photograph 2 : 'dancing to..bizarre love triangle' by new order

i found katja mater via anygivenname
and what i like about it is , that it is a performance
but only a small time frame so that you can imagine
what is happening +you don't hear the music

saw this book last weekend in a bookshop ....it's beautiful

i'm off buying fabric , on wednesday my silkscreen
should arrive...it may take another week
fingers crossed

paper + volume

top picture is a beautiful one from buaisou
and that's not the only one

the chairs are made by yael mer
she created paper shells and filled them with
expandable foam and then removed the paper shell

i very much like the shapes
but my heart goes out to the paper shell


a block print by klaas gubbels
from 2006 but there's 50 years of work
this one is nice too

and i'm in luv with this cup
i would like to see more ceramics like that

+ some sunshine....
it's very dark and wet over here


painting by amy wheeler
apron by teresa cole
via echo

sometimes i need a bit of color....

and i was looking for things involving ink
and textiles


these are so sweet by margot barolo
they come in big sizes too

and a beautiful bowl
via jurgen lehl

i'm thinking about showing my things here too
or maybe i'll create a separate place for it
because grijs is so much about great works by others
but on the other hand i know you wouldn't mind....

Happy weekend girls and boys
and many thank yous' for your continues support !

there's something about this image that i really like
by chevalier-masson

and somewhere i found this picture of ceramics
by frida mälarborn

+ a really nice initiative AtelierA1

many thank yous' for your warm blog birthday wishes
it felt like a little party....next time i'll add some cake


it's my blogs' anniversary today...
so i made myself a candle to celebrate

ingredients : clay wood rope and melted wax

i've really enjoyed this year...hope you did too
to more good things to come , cheers !

▐ \

yohji yamamoto exhibition at momu
you can find these pictures in the archives of pretty pretty
when we were there we saw the bernhard wilhelm exhibtion
those pictures can be found there too

but what i didn't get to see were his beautiful dresses
so i was very happy with stefano/ELMANCO
who found this great icelandic fashion store
that sells bernhard wilhelm , love to look at this one

i'm looking forward to a year of evenings

....okay 7 random things
about myself because i got
tagged by janine
practice makes...it easier

i'ld much rather like to talk
about random design facts
like : did you know adolf hitler
designed the beetle ?

but that was not the question
so here are 7 things :

_ i don't bite my nails or eat out of my nose
out of pure curiosity i tried those out once
i twist my hair instead

_ curiosity is a powerful tool to discover new things
so i like to look at things
which is moving towards making things as well

_ this year i want to explore fabric dying and printing

_ there's one thing i feel very strongly against and that
is the death penalty

_ i never ask myself what the meaning or the point
of life is , some questions are to big for my head

_i can't see very well at this moment ,
i'm having trouble reading and typing
this may last for a month or so
and then my vision will slowly come back

_ in antwerp we got served some eggnog and a little bit of
whipped cream with our cafe latte , i really liked the combination

And i'm tagging :

ruth anne /about some things
ashley rose helvey
czina/constructive laziness
k./halcyon days

i have a new tag in mind :
what have been the best decisions you've made
in life so far , but if you don't like it stick to the 7 random things
good luck ! And feel free to not participate

Happy weekend !


the boys from buro vormkrijgers decided as of this year
to go their separate ways
so this garden chair can be found on david keunes' website
the sputnik table went to sander mulder

mens' scarf via mousses

+ maemuudesignworks changed into
really like his opening picture

++ i got tagged by janine so i'll post on that tomorrow


i like the cover of this book , saw it laying in a shop window
next to yohji yamamoto's dream store in antwerp
here's another picture from his store

and when i went googling for it , amazon recommended
this book , like the cover as well and the content probably too
olafur eliasson

. _

top picture is by morita haruna
who collects metal objects
and then photographs/exhibits them

found in this gallery and more over here

felt necklace by donna wilson via by trico

just love them together and it says something
about how i view jewelry :
as beautiful little sculptures
because i never wear any jewelry

although i haven't landed yet in the new year
i do have a very good feeling about things to come

happy weekend!


i don't know about you , but i'm still trying to land
in the new year

this picture was with me the whole time
it's a vintage piece of hand dyed fabric used as a mosquito net
via this shop

and these 3944 pictures are a pure delight

they say : go to paris

it will be a slow transition into 2008
didn't spend any time googling for things
more slow and simple tomorrow

WiShInG YoU A ....

HaPpY 2O08

WiTh LotS of LOvE

+ BeAutY ...