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scarves by ffixxed
via anygivenname

made me think of anne kluytenaar
also over here

... and you can vote for marieke's work on saatchi-gallery.co.uk

+ thank you tracy !


picture by uta barth
and a tiny sculpture by alma allen
the silver detail is what draws me to it

back to photoshop for me...
happy weekend !


saw buffalo '66 by vincent gallo the other day
i liked the photography in the scenes with the boy in his bedroom
took a clipping from youtube so the quality is less

and i'm into socks since this picture on marie's blog
these i like very much and these too

i spent my break building a store for the dipped project
with frank , it's turning into something i didn't plan
and i'm so curious to hear what you'll think of it
wish i could share it with you now.... but it has to wait
till next wednesday

now i'm going to see what you've been up to


time for a little break...
i'm going to leave you with these gorgeous silver
brooches by peter bauhuis

a bit late today because i couldn't speak before i got
some printing done... i'm very relieved and happy
because it went really well.

+ this arrived in the mail !

happy easter and see you again next thursday


cups dipped by sander luske

+ some nice places that i've found in paris so far
like this vacation rental
restaurant soya
restaurant l'ourcine
restaurant l'altro
all about food
and of course palais de tokyo

i'm busy mixing ink in the right chocolate color
preparing linen and then printing ....
there's fabric enough for 4 mistakes


bed and tv by gregor graf.... just love the drawing
via anygivenname

and i love it together with this picture
+ this beautiful portrait

since i've been looking for nice places
here in amsterdam last week , i can't stop myself
so i've spend hours on flickr trying to get a sense
of paris too
it looks promising

well ... this turned into a victor pasmore
(on e-bay)week
for convenient reasons but also because it matches
beautifully with other things i love

like this dress from marni

For my last day at grace's
more nice places + a little surprise
because i couldn't stop myself.

+ many thank yous to grace for having me !
+ have a nice weekend
...i'm going to take a little break tilt tuesday


here's another one by victor pasmore
together with a picture i took of

such a beautiful book i can't say it enough..

this is quit intense ... blogging on 2 blogs
today is about a few places i like in Amsterdam
Thank you for stopping by!

i promised to show you more work of victor pasmore
and this print i really like..the thing is , his work is
very diverse so combining them doesn't seem like a good idea
so i'll show it with other things now and then

i'm showing this small table on design*sponge later on too
by aaron probyn for hahitat.
habitat is asking some really nice designers to work for them
i'm hoping to get my hands on these


took the top picture 3 years ago at DDC
we loved copenhagen...

you may know how much i love buddy icons
this one is by czina
it reminds me of these photographs

+ 2 posts on design*sponge

■ ▪

Good morning everybody !
i'm guest blogging on design*sponge
this week but i will be posting here too

i'm waiting for the furniture fair in milan
and all the new design school graduates
but i missed the pictures above from last year

they're from anne dorte's fashion end project
at the design school in kolding denmark
found over here.

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on colors prints and fabrics i'm into +
there's always room for another bag

skirt by tsumori chisato

print by victor pasmore
i discovered his work just recently
i'll show you more next week

bag found at musthaves
love youheshe too

+ ah-yi's new scarf

now this is something to make my day...

a beautiful collaboration between maria vetese and
elisabeth dunker called levitate/sväva in swedish
see more here , here and here

ami sioux started a blog about her new project
PARIS 48°49N 2°29E

and postcards by yukari miyagi coming soon
at by zebra

i was very busy these last days with working on my shop
and...i'm grace's guest next week
have a nice day !