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                    .                    . .

                    stumbled upon absolutely beautiful work by els kuijt
                    during 100% design rotterdam

                   on display were her models which i loved
                   to discover  the large versions on her website when i came home
                   She raises questions about form and function , largely inspired by
                   constructions you'll find on a farm 

                   title of the project "het werkerf"



                   as part of the rotterdam art school fair stand



                                   .             ..

                                   somehow i ended up in this place
                                   to witness a trend forecast
                                   by lidewij edelkoord

                                   .     ..  to me it was about  design "haute couture"
                                   an hour filled with quality and gorgeousness


                                   it was all beautiful and all about textiles
                                   + it was a pleasure listening to her



© grijs

© grijs

noticed an american vintage store on my way back from the market last saturday
 + an online shop
(only europe)

these are my  a v  t-shirts
top one i use as a sleep shirt
the bottom one i just dyed brown
with dylon
only 40 °c so it won't shrink

© grijs



 © hay

   .   ..    .      .  have been trying out truffel potatoes

  they're very tasty and beautiful


  love  the fabric together with the chair




    eremitage palace

    photographed by jacobsson


    what a wonderful place .     .   ..  palace


    a rare opportunity  because

   it's not open to the general public


            ..       .         .      now where was i

            at the fabric shop 

           it was wonderful


           so many sample books


〬 〮

.     ..    .   there's always marni

went to the kvadrat showroom yesterday (very nice ! )
i'm going to visit an upholstery shop in the jordaan area later on

i'm drawn to colors like the ones above

© grijs

 .      .  .         . walked by some beautiful tiles

© ikea

the bench made me think of the shaker series by joep van lieshout

more wonderful weather this weekend :)

sending you some sunshine 

( if only )

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© spazio 900

love everything about this chair and the setting / spazio 900

© grijs

cos lettuce named ballon / balloon

. ..  .  there's something really exciting

about growing your own food