i don't know about you but when i see this i want to play around with it
shadow diner set by judith höfel

+ atsuhiro sekisaka
rain , then partly sheep

a pleasure to the eye...

this was a good week..solved a lot of technical problems
what a relief
and thank you every one for showing me beautiful things
as always !



nice mugs by marie verlet via nomads
and lovely fabrics by nani iro thanks to marie


you couldn't have missed that
... but just in case

i received sia's circus print
i'll show you later today
...just about now


i like these zeppelins hanging from the ceiling
the light is shining up at it
by ross lovegrove for artemide
via designboom

i saw this tea towel by fokus fabrik
in person and what you can't see in a picture is
how beautiful the print work is
found an interesting flickr set on it by shaninnordic
where you can see some more

+ a lovely coat via yokoo


gloves + shopping bag from marni
and a picture of fabric dyes on a plate

because i'm testing them to see if they're washfast
and to see what colors the black dye is made of

i'm improving the dipped tea towels
and printing the chocolate ones myself
found someone to coat and develop my silkscreen

i have to start all over but i'm learning a lot
see you again tomorrow !


ceramics by therese müller

love this stool...
maybe it's handy to put your coffee on
sitting on the couch

and to keep hold of winter :

eshu's new prints
on etsy



and some sweet rings from a new shop
..... k-shop

have you seen this mountain...
i'd love to see it on a concrete floor

nothing to show you about my prints
i'm testing and testing
especially the wash resistance
it has to dry for a week first

wishing you some sunlight !
it's very sunny in amsterdam for a change
i should go and take a walk
see you next week


coton floating in the bathtub

and of course i made smudges when i started printing
so now i know how to make those...

printing involves some kind of planning
for one because you have to wait
for an image to dry before you can print one next to it
unless you want smudges of some kind

a plan is brewing...

: bert-jan pot updated his website
and opens with my favorite lights
which are one offs i'm afraid

: ungt blod

: see you tomorrow


misha stroj

georg herold

...trying out silkscreen printing and sewing up 20 tea towels
so my head is excited and completely bored at the same time
a weird sensation

more on that later
love the art pieces above btw
......the colors and the shapes

. ▪

love the top image from TALC
their website is still under construction
but it looks promising

+ a painting by joachim grommek

and crust station showed these beautiful
neck pieces by hisano katei
i like this one and this one

this weekend i'm going to try out the silkscreen
wishing you a happy weekend !


magnetic curtain by florian kräutli
via mocoloco

and i finally took a closer look
at a book i found on the street last summer

two pieces i really liked
see them better here and here

▬ ...

necklace by karin seufert

alison/6.5 st received the 'you make my day' award....twice
and when you get it you have to give it to 10 others
i was one of those 10... thank you alison
we share a love for fibers and threads

let's pretend the award is karin seufert's necklace
i know a lot of you who would be very happy to receive it
but i have to single out just 10 and i have more than 200
blogs that all have the ability to inspire me in different ways

i googled for make my day i got 186000 hits
so it's spreading itself rather quick

somewhat in order of appearance :

karin's style blog
hoping for happy accidents
montmartre's sketchbook
simply olive

now i'm getting sick
because i would also be nowhere without :
the rest of you..
and flickr

and ever so grateful for :


someone on computerlove
called sam weber the most influential
illustrator of today.... which made me curious
sometimes you need to look at things
that don't appeal to you wright away.
At this point i only like the illustration above...
here's an interview with him

and i like the picture of the fruit bowl
because it has the warmth of silver
it's made of inox
by ligne roset

thank you again for your all your comments
happy to see you next week !