. merry christmas ˙

.                    . .

stumbled upon a chinese tea flower *

watched a movie about coco chanel

the clothes , fabrics and styling were   so  so beautiful

she changed fashion for women in a big way

( it's important to repeat that )


.                    .  . 

paper   pencil  food   week

second attempt at quail eggs  , poached this time 

so * good

.                    .  .

i'm trying out  stamppot / stoemp / mashed potatoes with waterkers

and a potato called la ratte

talk to you soon *

.                    .  .               still love pom poms the most

some variations on the theme


more than one color



more flowers

i'm going out to find some nice paper

happy weekend *

.                    .  .               all   shipped

don't no why but this year i'm looking forward to christmas

noticed these cute paper decorations

if i see something else i'll show you , it has to be do-able in one evening

.                    .  .      the shop is open  !


there are  2 different store fronts you'll see that if you visit more than once

hope you'll enjoy *

happy weekend

.                    .  . 

some of you might recognise this immediately

it belongs to this man

i'm going to use it to protect some plants with

my SHOP will open tomorrow at 14:30 amsterdam time



from argentina