As you can see the promise of spring is getting to me,
if watching these pictures isn't enough for you, here's a shop Made in Design

Needful things

The ring is for sale at Tjallamalla webshop
T-shirt and brooch available at French Touche


Last week Karin Eriksson mentioned Meesters&van der Park

I'm glad she did...I love the Garlic vase.

The vase below is by Mme Raph and Adrien Rovero and dressed up

by Le Laboratoire I found it here.


Clothes and shoes are from a Dutch brand called Humanoid which I really love,
they also sell to a lot of other countries.

Have a nice weekend.

Things you throw away

I love plastic
It would be grate if they were environmentally friendly, but I don't
think these are.


Ciacapo teapot and sicamba trivet designed by Tomita Kazuhiko for COVO

On the website of Frame magazine there was a discussion on ornamentation/
decoration. "Will there be an end to all the leaves, birds, flowers"
Nobody had an answer as to when this trend will be over....
But for now I'm still loving these trivets.

Porcelain with humour

Picture by Loraine

Left : IGLO by Tsé&Tsé
Middle : cup by Annemette Kissow
Right : Sugarbowl by Maria Johansson

Suvi Holmström

This is my last post about Finnish design until I stumble upon something new.
Suvi sells' via goodis, but she also has her own site called Kaiho
Goodis is a collective of 11 designers who have started a shop to sell their work.

Anni Puuppo

Anni Puuppo recycles clothes.
via Goodis
Love the presentation


These photographs are made by Finnish artist
Pertti Kekarainen.
Tila means something like place, space, room,
state of mind...
Via Galerie Anhava

Sounds of nature

I know....everybody has seen this before, but I can't leave these two out
when exploring the Finnish sense of beauty.
Ivana Helsinki


I'm exploring Finland this week so there is more coming
but I can tell you already that if I could only buy Finnish
stuff ..I could be perfectly happy..

Foldable plastic chair "reki" and "kantava" trivets by Mikko Paakanen
Table "shell" by Krista Kosonen both for StudioHelsinki
Porcelain caraffe and mugs "kulmakas" by Sami Rinne

cup and spoons

pictures by loraine

drawing and counting

This is my favorite art-book by Belgian artist Panamarenko,
he designed it himself and it was published in 2003 by Ludion
ISBN 90 5544 446 4
He was born in 1940 in Antwerp, lived there his whole life
and has now donated his house, the interior is a piece of art on its own, to MUHKA the museum for contemporary art in Antwerp. MUHKA is a wonderful place to visit.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

From 7-11 of February it's Fashion Week in Copenhagen and via this website
I could get a glimpse of it. I found 2 brands that I hadn't heard of before.

Top : best behavior spring/summer 2007
Bottom : Louise Wahlgreen summer 2006

Karin Eriksson

"signe" bowl by Karin Eriksson together with a microscopic
picture of a plant called "lepidozia reptans"
Here you can find more microscopic pictures.

Slow movement

'Cocoon' by Gonnie Constansia

Kitchen appliances "the tiranny of the plug series"
by Dick van Hoff who is also part of SLOWLAB

   eye candy

Fabric by Erja Hirvi for Marimekko and beads from this store

Christane Högner

1 : one for all 2003/2006 Storage system
2 : sugarbags 2005
3 : white heavy weight 2004 Sofa on the beach
4 : china happy 2004 leather bag

Christiane Högner graduated in 2003 in interior architecture at the
Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Munich.
She now lives in Brussels Belgium.
Her website is also beautiful..
via designboom