.                          .        i'm hunting for summer fabrics

     and herbs like mintha spicata

     goodnight  !



.                          .                                                                            milk design   

a beautiful mix with the beautiful sunny weather here in amsterdam

happy monday   

p.s.   summer time

this year i followed the simple advice in the newspaper saying 'just go to bed earlier'
it has been working so far


     .                         .               just hanging around

     on a sofa

                                         over a chair

          on a wall


     happy weekend !



love this knit

                                    as if it popped up

out of soil

.                                      .                            it's spring !

i'm sowing scabiosas  

still looking for the other ones

wishing you a beautiful day



               .                          .        this is what i had in mind

               a different size a different look



.                         .         the shop is open !


 still 2 available



     © maarten van severen foundation
           hoet bekaert gallery

      love his hybrid cutlery +  salmon skin skirt

      you can go see his skethes and samples in gent during 'food and tools for food'

      at the hoet bekaert gallery until the 18th of march

      i'd love to hear from you if you went

.                         .                       i'm loving this

   i'd like to learn how to weave as well

.               i can see why the knitting machine was invented though


                                   .                    .     tiles

                                   hartenstraat          cos



                                  it felt like being in antwerp for a moment