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installation esther stocker

via willis henry

i'm thinking about ways to hang a tea towel
just love the clothes hangers

hope to show you some pictures of dyed wool
and linen over the weekend

it's almost time for the last mordant bath
very excited about how the dyeing is going to turn out

wishing you a warm weekend

.... some pictures of my natural dyeing adventure !


eno henze

tres bien shop

the package did arrive after all
so now i'm scouring and mordanting
the linen

here you can find out what that is
and here's a faster way

so my head is filled with numbers ,
calculations ... it makes you feel like a chemist
instead of someone who wants to make an object
that 'll probably come back to me when i get the
hang of it...


simple ring by orfeo quagliata
via playmountain

but which color ...

they ship to europe now

very funny
more over here

i'm waiting for the mailman ...
for stuff to dye linen with
oh please arrive .... today


dresses via chigo
art by michael elmgreen&ingar dragset

i never mention baby or children's clothes
just because .... i don't have any
very silly so from now on i will
the same goes for cars but those aren't beautiful these days
i'm always on the lookout though

something else i haven't mentioned is euro 2008
beauty is everywhere also in football
i like the way some guys move
the dutch team f.e. has a player who moves like a tap dancer
and another one who moves like an antelope
but it's not the same without zizou ...

+ thank you for your kind words this week!

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just love these shots by geoffrey cottenceau&romain rousset

for the colors i'm working on i have
the pale nudes and dark colors that rick owens uses in mind

love the off white and green in this picture

╰ ◟

magali reus

+ this beautiful exhibition

now let's see where was i ...

last friday i sort of got sidetracked by a post on vivre a la campagne
about couleur chanvre , i very charming company which sells kitchen
and bedlinen made of hemp and all dyed with natural dyes

..... which made me remember this place
a mill that grinds chalk , pigments and natural dyes
just outside of amsterdam

and got to see this book with recipes

in short i'm up to my nose into the world of natural dyes
and discovered that although the dye stuff is natural , that doesn't mean
the process is environmentally friendly. So far i haven't seen any grey color
without the use of iron , or beautiful brown colors without the help of copper.
So i'm wondering what kind of process they used for couleur chanvre

back to my pot with logwood for me and a good day to you !


dress via

chair via

i like the way the aluminum is treated

drawing by the bouroullec brothers
i was wondering if they saw huts like these when they grew up

+ my garden so far

editorial by maurice scheltens for mode depesche

.... very nice

also because of STILL started by martha

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i'm sort of heavily into my new plants at the moment
the sun is shining....not in the mood at all for searching the internet

this is still my inspiration for the garden
and for those of you who like plants , the one in the bottom picture
is called astilboides tabularis
and the blur in the top picture is caused by a blooming valerian

Have a nice weekend everybody

by maarten kolk
you can read the text in english over here

he was inspired by all the unexpected forms and colors
that grow when you're not doing everything as perfect as possible

┅┅ ┈

by tim hodkinson
i don't know how he did it but it looks interesting
done with software to generate images

and this looks interesting as well

green algae

i love jarno kettunen's drawings so much , i had a hard time
posting something new...

drawings by jarno kettunen
the top one was drawn during the antwerp academy show 2007
bottom one backstage at a mikio sakabe fashion show

hollowware by kim buck
this is hers too