dresses via chigo
art by michael elmgreen&ingar dragset

i never mention baby or children's clothes
just because .... i don't have any
very silly so from now on i will
the same goes for cars but those aren't beautiful these days
i'm always on the lookout though

something else i haven't mentioned is euro 2008
beauty is everywhere also in football
i like the way some guys move
the dutch team f.e. has a player who moves like a tap dancer
and another one who moves like an antelope
but it's not the same without zizou ...

+ thank you for your kind words this week!


Anonymous said...

the first dress is so nice
thanks for sharing
happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

love the dresses, especially the second one. oh and i absolutely agree with you about euro 2008---at some points i feel like i am watching contemporary ballet--with some of their body movement. lovey post. and have happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

So, is this because you now have found some nice children's clothing...or are you expecting!

Loraine said...

no not expecting , i just felt that you should be a mom or at least be pregnant , to show baby stuff.

but decided that was silly

natsumi said...

These are pretty dresses!
BTW, I like your blog! Would you mind if I have a link to your blog on my blog?

Anonymous said...

these dress are stunning. They look so easy and like I would want to wear them everyday

Joanna Goddard said...

LOVE that top dress!

yasu said...

like these clothes. shame they are for kids!

Loraine said...

hi natsumi , no i don't mind , Thank you for linking me :)

Vanessa said...

These dresses are just beautiful. I think I would hang them on my wall rather than let my girls destroy them!!
Beautiful website by the way, visually stunning.
I've added you as a link from my blog, hope that's ok.

tyler said...

so glad you're navigating through the world of children's wear. your lovely design-eye will surely inspire us moms! sweet dresses you've found. beautiful blog, i visit often and i too have added you to my blogroll.

Y said...

beautiful dresses, especially the first one. really adorable.

Fine Little Day said...

I love beeing here. So much goodies.

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