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just love these shots by geoffrey cottenceau&romain rousset

for the colors i'm working on i have
the pale nudes and dark colors that rick owens uses in mind

love the off white and green in this picture


Anonymous said...

That top image is so incredible! Wow, it's really beautiful. You have great taste, good eye..

so said...

rick owens is 1 of my favorites...
did you see the interview about him that ruth-anne posted a few days/weeks back??

MWM said...

I love rick owens too.
I can't wait to see what you're working on.

Czina said...

these photos are so amazing.

reminds me of one video from pink floyds, i dont know why...


Anonymous said...

really amazing photos! got humour!

Anonymous said...

i loved this images! the palette of rick owens as well..

Loraine said...

hey yokoo , nice to hear from you. i can see why they appeal to you

and tracy yes i saw ruth-anne's post

thanks martha !

hi czina , i watched the video , maybe the way the clothes reshape the body

hey mette , yes they are funny

me too ruth-anne , the light colors are easier then the dark ones so far

Cerré said...

I love how the models disappear and seem to be part of the fabric itself.


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