.                         .          working on a few scarves

in the shop sometime     next week



          love this photo

                  .                         .          i'm starting to long for spring and new shoes


                 + bouroullec exhibition 'album'


     .                         .             the beauty of focussing on something

     is that you start to see it everywhere                   i'm focussing on textiles                               


     cast iron pan + potato




          .                         .    last week was my big picture week

now is any kind of size picture week 

+  i'd like you to meet my new pan by seppo mallat

   it's so good you'd have to feel it yourself , the pictures can only hint at it

.                         .          it's getting lighter again and i'm learning how to decrease

happy monday :)

                                                     ❤ chignonue


.                         .               in a restaurant across the river

last sunday when it was snowing          loved their terrace



                                                      jonathan ivy

the most beautifully designed computer ever

.                         .   i'd love it even more without the logo ,

not because i don't like them , the adidas logo f.e. is very well designed in combination with the shoe




     .                         .


     i'm learning how to knit        properly

     through online video tutorials *


     have to start over again now

     + the mobile museum

.                         .     

housing block by rem koolhaas

the snow made the project look like some place in russia or china

.                         .         

tested the lightfastness of the berries       .            the blue is fading

don't think i will use them

+   takao shiotsuka atelier

.                         .         one spoon of snow


starting wednesday 8-9 feb. in stockholm


i'm going to take another walk through the snow now

.                         .         i  love  rose hips     

+ 3d printing at the aram gallery