sage + rosemary

        i'm making pumpkin soup *


        parmesan cheese on top


     i'm going to take make up classes here in antwerp
     starting in september


    i'm working on a new project
   .      .    . .   something to do with fashion


              i'm looking around for things to surround me


             i'm going to talk to people in gent who run a make-up school

             it's called MUD   .     .        ..

∕ ∖

                                                                                       my kho liang le sofa  second hand


   i've started decorating *


                                                                   i'll probably get a permit to stay the 3rd of june



                                                                                                                               love this little table

                           + melissa milis took wonderful photographs at the kinfolk event


.                        . .        .       we were sat on a long table(s)

                                                                                                       had a lovely evening*

there were about 50 people attending  

KINFOLK   l'esprit de la mer

                                                                                                   tomorrow i'll get cable tv / internet tv  *

           + a  KINFOLK  event  on saturday *

                                                                     organised by annemarie


tried these on as glasses not as sunglasses

                                                                they looked so cool

a bit d'r over / to much




talked to renilde  about imported things ;)

                                                                                                   like quality shoes and the sugarless diet


had to be in amsterdam for a few days

                                       loved being there , i spent so many years there


             snip snip

i've finally found someone who is a bit like me + can cut my hair the way i like it
her name is hasret / brown hair


                                                                                                            i have a friend *

who lets me use  photographs from his collection of images


                                                           they are beautiful

                                                                                                                             albeit anonymous


.   ..   love this mirror