alkanet root on wool

... i'm loving this one because it goes from burgundy to blue

ordered a skein of hand spun merino
... so lovely

it might be too delicate

+ i bought some new fabrics
i'll show you next week

studio juju

timo wong

... got a nice e-mail from timo

i was fascinated with the temperature
device he designed
it's wireless and all the patients in the hospital
can be monitored in case of a hospital bacteria f.e.
it must be strapped around your belly or wrist

he works together with priscilla lui
to form studio juju

... now timo is an industrial designer ...
could you please design a nice vacuum cleaner
usable in europe ...

... just had to try

... they're on their way across the ocean

+ fennel


aldo bakker silver oil can

... it makes me think of ocean steamers

minä perhonen

i imagine her holding the oil can

... just perfect

now i'm going to try photographing the wool
haven't got an idea yet

have a nice day and see you next week !

⠐ ⠁

made a drop because it looked so beautiful
when i put some water on wool comes in many forms
like in a wonderful documentary by kim longinotto
hold me tight let me go

about beautiful children

bed cover from h+m

...maybe beauty is something you can feel
not just see

it seems so to me


... dyeing yarn for brooke
has been an inspiring journey

learned so many new things
f.e. natural dyes are not only ph sensitive
but also heat sensitive
well i knew that but it is fascinating to watch
when you mix 3 different dyes

bought a book by j.n.liles
... very helpful from a technical
point of view

i'm waiting for the last skeins to dry up

cosmic wonder free press 2

... loved them since this installation

laundry bag

... pretty cool

some new to me people
with great blogs...



you can make it easy

tomorrow is going to be
hot and sunny

i'll think of you
and send you some sunshine

taisuke koyama


i needed some inspiration
so i googled for vacation
apartments in paris

to sum it up
lots of plaster
white paint
plants in pots

and cleverly designed
small spaces

... it was great

... went to the filmmuseum at the vondelpark

they have these lounge benches ... it was great

top picture : an apartment around the corner
bottom : sage

... i should get back to work soon
combining it with hanging around in the park
is a good idea

+ 3191 evenings

have a lovely weekend !


... in a very optimistic mood i bought a pair of sandals
summer isn't over yet ...

we went to the sea in the hague and walked the pier

rebuild in the sixties

when the sand isn't very nice
you need lot's of entertainment
i guess

love the new humanoid collection