alkanet root on wool

... i'm loving this one because it goes from burgundy to blue

ordered a skein of hand spun merino
... so lovely

it might be too delicate

+ i bought some new fabrics
i'll show you next week


sandra said...

so beautiful. i love your scarves so much and hope to own one some day. happy weekend.

Loraine said...

hi sandra thank you and a happy weekend to you as well !

rachelle said...

mooie kleuren! ook zo in combinatie met het wollige van de wol..

Loraine said...

hoi rachelle merci !

ja de combinatie is wat 't 'em doet inderdaad

india flint said...

nice pages here...and you'd be surprised just how strong merino wool really is - literally stronger in tension than a steel filament of the same diameter