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after almost a year of collecting things i wanted to sum up
the things really important to me , like

: this tablecloth

: this collection

: this to snuggle up in

: japanese design in general ,
if you have the time this holiday go through the archives
of yanaka to-kichi , thanks to kelly

and last but not least there is you all ...

+ a warm thank you to readers who just wanted to say that they enjoy my blog

i'll be back on jan 1st to wish you a happy new year !

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by aoki ryota
via this gallery

+ new blogs on my never ending blogroll
from tracy / simply olive and ruth anne / about some things

this weekend i saw my first case of shop till you drop :

a young girl was just stepping out of the ambulance,
in front of h&m
all her shopping bags were laying on the ground
as i heard the ambulance man say : can we give you a lift to the station,
or do you have more shopping to do ?
First i thought :hmm great service , but then i realized he was being sarcastic

the lovely bags via billet

and i discovered an amazingly beautiful book
thanks to tracy and nikko


love this print
and the colors
by marjan pejoski
who is a boy
who also made this dress

notice the koos boots
which brings me to .....

another european/japanese collaboration,
by simone springer and yuji mizobuchi
:: rosa mosa

beautifully made !

_- __ - ___

lovely bags by simone brewster
more of them over here and here
via pan-dan

and deborah visited palais de tokyo
love that place

i should get busy with making christmas cards
and decorating which always takes more time
then i think it does....
some inspiration over here and here


for me this week was about cutting linen , knitting,
printing , taking pictures ....
i'm exhausted but happy....

more pictures over here

hopefully next week i can post more often

........ .....

ceramic bowls by martine ménard
inspired by this beautiful post

cute little bag by martin margiela on yoox

since i crossed paths with a pickpocket
i always wear a little bag under my coat

and don't miss irene's beautiful collection
of necklaces

+ snow
and more snow