this weekend i saw my first case of shop till you drop :

a young girl was just stepping out of the ambulance,
in front of h&m
all her shopping bags were laying on the ground
as i heard the ambulance man say : can we give you a lift to the station,
or do you have more shopping to do ?
First i thought :hmm great service , but then i realized he was being sarcastic

the lovely bags via billet

and i discovered an amazingly beautiful book
thanks to tracy and nikko


so said...

...thanks for the link.

(don't you just love nikko's work and pics?)

Heather Moore said...

Wow, such beautiful work! And a funny story too!

Anonymous said...

ha! christmas madness..

billet has such lovely things, and so beautifully photographed!

Ashes and Milk said...

Thanks for the link once again, Loraine~ Smile.

Thanks Tracy!

Great bags- Makes me want to go shopping.

nativekee said...

great bags! billet does have such lovely things!