such a great idea ...
and a room big enough
to not trip over it

these are some of the fabric samples
that arrived after dyeing them

1+2 are wool
2+4 wool with silk

beautiful fabrics but very thin
good for all year round except when it is very hot or very cold
so for winter i'd prefer something thicker

: the colors are about skin tones
when you go into how the color of your skin
is composed , you'll find that when you combine a color with it
it'll bring out a certain color of which your skin color is composed of

to keep it short : if you combine the right colors your complexion
changes for the better , like make-up , but there isn't any..

you can try this at home by putting fabric over the lower part
of your arm (in daylight) and watch what happens to your skin tone
... maybe nothing new to you , but i just found it fascinating

¨ ˙

lovely knit by humanoid ...

after a while of blogging you develop your own
and humanoid is one of them

ceramics by stig lindberg ...

the apartment we stayed in in antwerp
had a lot of '60 ceramics which made me remember
a great swedish store retromoderndesign

the fabric samples arrived and i'm cooking
one of them in rose leaves ... and no that doesn't
give pink or red , but a lovely brown color


taka suzuki via ashes&milk

socks for adults

i'm looking for woolly fabrics
to make scarves out of , can't get those around here
so i'm waiting for some samples to arrive

... and i'm re-organizing cleaning
to make a fresh start

autumn has been so much better then summer
i just have this terrible urge to sleep !

such nice children's clothes by maan and gold

i'm happy to see these pop up in a web store
so i can show them to you

love this pillow too

what i was actually looking for is a nice sweater
or cardigan for myself ...

▇ ▉

my head is still a bit in antwerp ... filled with houses and colors
and i had to think of this maquette by the bouroullec brothers
because it's new and i love their use of color

and just when i 'm trying to land here in amsterdam
petra pulles me back in with the antwerp stock sale
it would be nice to at least see that
but i really need to land

have a nice weekend !

╌ ╍

i wish i could show you the cos store because the beauty
in that collection lyes in the colors

2 french speaking lady's in a booth next to me said it best
when they repeatedly sighed "ah domage" /"what a pity"
they probably too,
were looking for some sign of hips !

but the colors are gorgeous , must show you frank's sweater

+ found through my stats


such a gorgeous dress


hi girls and boys !

antwerp was great even when it was raining
we stayed in a 30' apartment which was good
because now i know i definitely want one from
the 19th century (i'm talking about renting)

we walked around a lot to look for nice neighbourhoods
the one we stayed in was the nicest so far but
we haven't seen everything yet
the search continues so to speak
we must go back soon !