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A highlight on UNIFORM STUDIO today...

I really like the pleats element in the new spring collection and the fact that Martha dye's the fabrics herself...which is an art on itself

You can see the whole collection here and buy it here

And I love this picture...

I like things floating...things that make you dream... although the red thingy on the floor prevents me a bit of doing that via PID.se

To go with this i see a wooden house with a concrete floor...

It reminds me of the Globlow lamp

And i wanted to show you 2 of my favorite books by A.M Homes

...here and here


Well...on Saturday we went to the art & design sale in Eindhoven

I saw Emily Herman's summer collection at the fair...took a picture of it
as well...but this picture does her more justice... I think you'll agree with me
Almost the entire collection consists of knitted fabrics

The light bulb is by Henriette Michaux

Here are the pictures i took there and pictures of things i bought
On Sunday we went to another fair...more on that soon


...reasons to go to the art & design sale tomorrow

Maaike Bertens


Marcel van Kan

What I'm also hoping to find there is this vase....

We'll see...I'll give you an update next Tuesday.

...and these are my flickr favorites so far...
it feels like I've only seen the tip of the iceberg
but that tip looks great...


Tiny post today because of the tiny picture
by Mark Borthwick

On the Mu website you can see more beautiful pictures
but I just love this one..

Oh..and you should have seen this when it was on fire...
it was on the cake then...
it's called a wondercandle

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This was an exhibition by Cosmic Wonder at MU
in Eindhoven...Mu likes to show things in between art and design, a place where different art forms are brought together...sounds exciting...maybe I'll go there on Friday because there's also an art and design sale in Eindhoven

Cosmic Wonder is a fashion label from Japan with 2 different lines
One is about jeans the other one is more about creating garments , environments..
Tableaux vivants is maybe a good word to describe it.



I was waiting for her new summer collection but she surprised me with a new winter collection
Xuan Thu Nguyen is a fashion designer and what I love about her work is that she always designs beautiful jewelry to go with her clothes...

And I love AH-YI's blog title picture and the one taken before that

...and a big thanks for all the nice comments...that was really encouraging
and thank you SIA for posting about my prints

Because New York Design Week is starting tomorrow I want to remind you of
Christiane Högner and 4 others who are going to present their work at Hall 1-D Booth 402 (just in front of the entrance) at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center

Under the name of
101% Designed in Brussels

Also wanted to show you my KOOS boots and my first steps in to the world of printing
and well... i don't now where this will go but
here it is

Wishing you good things...see you next week

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Nothing earth shattering here just a rectangle and a square but...

10 points for the colors and the fabric

By Paulo Haubert for

There's more where this came from... like this sitting object for example

⌐▐ ┘□ ▀ ¬

This one's already one of my personal favorites

The mobile was made by Frank as one of three of which one is serving as an alternative
Christmas tree and I just love them

MARNI top at YOOX ....what a beautiful print

○●◦º● oº


Thanks Apartment Therapy : San Francisco
for mentioning me (i'm one of their surreptitious links)

The picture is some homegrown bit of fun as a sort of transition to the next post
So that's it for now...take care ( i'm a bit tired today )


Sketchbooks are on my mind and getting a present for Frank's birthday
Can't discuss that...he might read it...

The sketchbook part will become visible this week i hope...
i'm waiting for more light to take pictures of my little project/adventure

The shelving system is designed by Yedidia Blonder for ARBEL Design
available at Design 3000


Picture by Geoffrey Cottenceau and Romain Rousset for FORM magazine
issue n˚203 July/August 2005 as part of a series called Touching Surface

Check out the links section , i've added some new links
Hope you'll enjoy...and i'll see you next week


[ • ]

click the picture for bigger view

Form magazine has put every magazine they published since 1957 online
this is from issue 204 , what a great idea...

The picture shows a work by Michael Dreher for publishing company Revolver
They needed something special to display their art books in their showroom
They are cardboard boxes reinforced with wood and closed with tape


••• -—.••••• • — –

Microscopic picture of zygnema (algea) , found it here
Dress Vanessa Bruno



I'm thinking water and a bit of ballet...

Dresses by
Vanessa Bruno Porcelain Qi by Kap-Sun Hwang


Next post on Friday with an extended links section


This to me is a great way to wear this brooch
because it coincides with you in this way

Delphine left some nice comments and i'm glad she did
She makes jewelry out of polymer clay and these are my favorites + this one
You can buy them in her online shop which is like her blog called
La Fille du Consul

| º °

This was part of the Design Academy Eindhoven 's exhibition in Milan

I found it at designboom and it only says Dianes Sol ...
It looks like it's made of laboratory glass dipped in something ...

Very very beautiful !

Frank and i have been addicted to fresh mint tea for about a month now
It's the best tea ever to me because it tastes so soft and the flavor stays soft even if you leave the leaves in the water for a long time.
It wasn't the first time we had it but sometimes you forget things and someone has to remind you...

⎣ ⎦

This was in last months issue of ELLE Decor Italia

Designed by these 2 girls :
Laudine Dubeaux and Camille Cauquil

And I love this coat at The Sartorialist
It's the color that does it for me...

- — – — ­· – — _-

love it...although the cleaning lady in me is weeping...

but he makes up for it by designing this bed...

By architect Jean Nouvel for Corian in Milan

And thank you Sami Rinne for mentioning me on your website !

Photography : Ole Haupt

This looks rather stunning doesn't it......you lucky people in Denmark...

It's a wooden platform to dive from in Kastrup close to Copenhagen

Designed by Swedish architectural company



We had a beautiful sunny Queen's Day and this was the most eye catching object
on the streets of our neighborhood...a boat for only 50€

This was in my mail-box : concrete floor tiles by Jenny Oldsjö & Ragnar Hultgren
of Solid Form design a Stockholm based design studio
They've done various projects such as carpets , wall tiles , lights...
Their work reminds me of
M.C Escher