... riley gave me some very lovely naturally dyed
baby alpaca which she brought back from peru

love it loosely spun
or spun in general

that's when it looks the most interesting

:: while enjoying journal de jours
i saw something you shouldn't miss

juliette bogers

hermine took a picture of the shop window

... my kind of heaven
it reminded me of abnit nijjar

weekend already...
have a nice one!

... have been busy with diy
and searching for fabrics and fibers


just funny ... when i picture me or
someone else using it

thought it said mistakes
no need for steaks


... a few mittens later

went for merino
also very soft and much more practical

...it looks like alpaca is more suited for spinning
except for the black kind

i'll show you some alpaca tomorrow
make that later because it's too dark

oona l'ourse

andreas murkudis

yesterday some alpaca fibers came in
... i'm testing them out now

.... tried to felt some 3d shapes
the right one is made of alpaca fibers
left is merino

this is just practicing but i like to show you
the trial and error as well.

...i'm going to felt myself some gloves

happy weekend


... got to know about the project through

abdul basit khan

he's a graphic designer from singapore
and studied graphic design in rotterdam
he works for the design incubation centre
at the National University of Singapore

... a place to watch

and thanks to puur anders / marijke van dijk
for the kreativ blogger award

bruno pieters


RA concept store

see the interior over here

with a restaurant on the ground floor !

another beautiful project : polder ceramics
love the carafe

... still waiting for alpaca fibers

happy weekend !

design + photography julien renault

some mirrors + an aluminium serie

... this just made my day , week , year
not just his work , his pictures as well

... so beautiful

can i point your eyes to the pipes in the background of the top picture

love details like that
...not very girly , i know
my only excuse is that my dad's garage was filled with stuff like that
... loved it

... found some alpaca and some alpaca found me

riley is in peru at the moment
she's working on a project for the UN
to bring weaving knitting spinning women of peru
into contact with european designers
... very exciting

riley is part of jackston johnston and roe
had no idea she lives here in amsterdam
... a very happy coincedence

and more alpaca through hector mendoza who is a designer from mexico
let's just say ... he has connections

some samples from germany will arrive this week
i'll start with those