.               .  .       like a tiny propeller



               loved the window in museum plantin moretus
               a lovely place to visit

               i'm happily dyeing away trying to recreate this swatch color
               which emerged at 65 degrees but won't on a large surface  .  .    . puzzling



              .               .  .

              almost an abstract painting


              have been planting bulbs over the weekend
              for next spring/summer

              allium schubertii



.               .  . 

valerie traan

in love with the architecture
then saw it was a gallery a very beautiful one


so beautiful i can't remember what they were called

enjoy your weekend  .          .  .   it's sunny in amsterdam

                                      cooperative designs


     .                  .  .             
a magazine exhibition in singapore

.               .  .

took a short trip to antwerp

in need of beauty

some of you have asked me about my favorite places in antwerp

my favorite one would be the ra concept store

best place to have diner den druiventros

 graumann autumn/winter


                                                           bamboo picks

 .               .  .    

i've started dyeing again

i'm listening to pj harvey's 'uh huh her' album          the quiet songs
love the part with just the sound of seagulls



       .               .   .

       i'm growing hollyhocks / stokrozen

       pinks reds and black



       thank you for your kind words

⸌ ╶



                         .               .  .


                         happy to be back



                        my sweetheart past a way
                        due to kidney failure
                        it broke my heart


                        we buried him in the garden