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Really like this for an office/studio type of situation
for which it was intended by front studio (via kelly) and because of their name
i had to think of front design and their rat wallpaper

i'll leave you with julie's mango
and with cloudberryterrier's soup ingredients


This is from the winter collection by American Vintage
They're planning on opening an online store which i'm thrilled about because there isn't much to shop online around here. {for clothes}
Great neckline and color....and that light in the back looks intriguing too

The other 2 online shops where I buy clothes are :

La Redoute and Rushcollection

This is the last bookcase for now... by Nils Holger Moormann
I really love their compositions and i've been using them as graphical elements
between the other pictures.

Love these covers from BEople a magazine about Belgian culture

And off topic : i got tagged....by Tracy/simply olive. I'll do it for Carson also because i 'declined' the first time....

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Another bookcase i really like : random by MDF Italia


annemette kissow


The weekend was all about filling in tax forms but this package + this package
made it all a lot happier....i also loaded up some pictures of our very low bookcase with stuff i collect on it.
1 2 3 4

And looking at Jen's breakfast makes me happy too


Sori Yanagi tongs via chachada
Marie-Pi laundry basket via ROVE

After a 'busy' post a bit of calmness for today....

Did you know about BLOGDAY ?

It reminded me again of my list of blogs i visit which aren't yet in my links section
It'll probably turn into a very long list until i've found a better solution.....

I'll leave you with my summer hit : greek yoghurt with strawberries


Love the MOCIUN textile design
(via cruststation )

Saw EDD RED HEAD a cushion by Donna Wilson a while ago in a shop laying
on a brown tweed sofa ... met EDD again at By TRICO
What i'm trying to say is that apparently i'm into drawings and textiles....which is sort of a surprise....

THIRD DRAWER DOWN - great concept
(via Kelly's online shopping favorites on design*sponge)


Some colors and shapes i would like to have around me...

Moroso - fjord
DULTON - clipper

Yesterday i was also inspired by something else....more on that tomorrow

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Hand dyed merino roving by Krista McCurdy

This has been on my mind for a while now and i've looked at her work again
yesterday and came to the conclusion that this is actually rather exquisite

I had to think of the woman who, for the last 40/50 years, has been making
trimmings for Chanel.
She lives on a farm outside of Paris...i don't think Karl Lagerfeld has ever met her.


Found this great Japanese online store called m+h unit
beautiful stuff....

And thanks everybody for your sweet comments on the tea towels :)
I'm planning on making 10 of them and to sell them.

Happy day's and see you next week !

( maybe i won't be posting every day )

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I couldn't find anything for today.... so I'm showing you a glimpse of
my tea towel project and another glimpse
I tried out some cottons but linen turned out to be the best choice.
I've finished one...two more to go

Oh and Frank does love the looks of the oven mitt too
(to avoid any misconceptions on that)


Picture I took in the kitchen (no daylight) to show you our oven mitt
by iittala , it's brown with blue stitching.
I really love the design but Frank finds it to be not very practical.....

Something I hope is both practical and beautiful at the same time
is this portable 4 GB hard drive by Michael Leung called Stone
It's still a prototype , made of synthetic resin

Have to talk to swissmiss about this....a lot more boys watch her blog
My guess is that it would sell very well

• ●

I saw this ring on Tessa's blog , this is just one of a series of 4 called sketchRings
Tessa send me some pictures so this image is totally with permission as
Debra would call it.They're made of silver but she treats it like clay

I would love to see how that works...

...and talking about sketches
Love these by Konstantin Grcic for chair 1,
probably a picture from this book

Interior pictures from a shop called : EFFE in Italy

Love the colors in this setting and those sheets.... mm mmm

Love these windows......via Sveta Drescher

And Abby is a lucky girl [ by visionaire publishers]


Salad servers by Konstantin Grcic via DesignAddict

....and I would love to visit the new museum for contempory art in New York.
It doesn't open until December 1st so there's enough time to find me a big ocean steamer to take me there....

(just googled that, it's a no go)

I'm going to try to sew a straight line....see you next week


It's always nice to visit a shop which makes you feel good
even if it's just on the web...

serie a store in Munich
I'm really curious about those little things behind the glass

▬▬ =

Remember the photogram tablecloth by Maurice Scheltens [under projects]

This is a similar project but here real shadows would
bring more subtlety to it

by Sandra Bautista

And I'm Cruststation's blog of the week :)

I find these very cool...
found them at a new to me French online store
called La Corbeille Editions.


Thanks to Jen and Maditi I saw this beautiful project by Kirsty Hall
called The Diary Project

Nice coincidence because I received my package from Irina yesterday
which was very exciting , I tried to capture that experience in pictures....see it here

Posts that inspired me lately :

ah_yi Eno Henze
Lena Corwin Toga sweaters
Simplyolive Junko Shimada
Kelly's 5 favorites
And Jen reminded me again of this picture by Dorothea Lange

Summer has finally arrived in Amsterdam at least until Monday...
so we are going to make a fruit cake and lay in the garden...

Wishing you something equally enjoyable .


Nathalie Lahdenmäki
I just love her work so much.....

I don't have a favorite house just favorite spaces
and elements that have to be in it like sliding doors,
beautiful ceramics like these and lights like these....

Generally a large space where you not only live but can create things too
A place that is never finished because that gives me a sense of freedom.
That's my dream for the coming years....

Oh and Irina has received my package and I'm like a little girl, waiting
for Santa Claus ...