6 or more

"6 shades of beige" by Mel Robson found it here favoritechoses
Thank you Mel for the shapes.. colors.. and the light.

Love the idea of re-using old tables and re-assembling them.
It looks like a train presented this way.
Volksware at IMM cologne via designboom

Grey Sunday

pictures by loraine

Just some pictures of my beloved cardigan....a piece of linen
and paper handles of a Camper bag


Simply beautiful..from the sheep of Fine Fibre Farms New Zealand
From this you can make yarn or felt (incase you were wondering)

Maemuu Design Works

"lampytoy" by Tatsuya Maemura
He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006
and then started Maemuu Design Works

Studio Note

"pick your light" 2006 by Norihiko Terayama
He graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006
and then started Studio Note

Do not eat!
Do not eat!

TOP: Kitchen Knives "Pure Komachi " by KAI
MIDDLE: Cups and plates that look like porcelain but are made of SUGAR, designed by Marije Vogelzang in 2003 for Proef
BOTTOM: "Esquimos" by Caroline Sebilleau / paula&louise
I found them through Favorite Choses in their online shop Exclusive Choses
They're made of polyester except for the wooden stick

OONA | galerie

Top and bottom : Christian Hoedl
Middle : Mikiko Minewaki
At : OONA | gallery for jewelry in Berlin


Cloison végétale Etcetera
Design : Vincent Vandenbrouck for Edition Compagnie
It really needs the big windows I'm afraid.

Look what the storm brought me!

chair table light and a carpet...

"paperchair" by jeroen Wand.
I found it here at wonderwood

" lebock" by Greige in Berlin
You need 2 of these and maybe something like a door and there you go,
a table....

" Large Foldup" light shade 110 cm wide 2002/2003 by Bertjan Pot

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings designed 8 unique carpets, back in 2001. They used weaving remnants of the weaving factory M.I.D (Deventer, The Netherlands).
This one I like the most, but see for yourself Scholten&Baijings

Studio Skujeniece

picture by loraine

"leftover spoon"
If you love this as much as I do : you can order it by sending her an e-mail.

Table-linnen and cups, made by Mara Skujeniece
You can buy her work here : Vivian Hann Haarlemmerdijk 102 Amsterdam

picture by loraine

Happy New Year !