• ‧˙

.                         .         for 8 days it was summer

it was beautiful

i'm going to visit   z33    mind the system , find the gap    this weekend * 

talk to you soon


.                         .           in search of patterns

trying to find a way to make them my own

tomorrow i'm going to visit a place about textile dyes and fabrics


.                         .         isabel marant


+  the textile arts center in brooklyn featured my work

wish there was a place like that here in amsterdam

◌ ◯

.                        .            for this summer i wanted to grow my own flowers

the bieslook  is the first one to bloom

wish you could smell the apple mint    it's so good

⠱ ⡈

.                         .       © titus simoens

from the series    blue , sea

this photo amongst others was featured in de standaard magazine
i photographed it because i love it so much

beautiful colors as well

.                         .           a vase from queen's day

 it was just the color i needed

+ these adorable buttons  

i love going through a box full of buttons     sieving in general probably

⁃ ´

.                         .        i really love bags

so  i've started to pin some of them to the wall

it's made of dark blue paper

more on queen's day treasures in another post


        .                           .                  my dreamkitchen



       it's more than a kitchen

       © open structures